Media attack Pauline Hanson highlighting TGA deaths using twisted logic

Media attack Pauline Hanson highlighting TGA deaths using twisted logic

By Jamie McIntyre

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Yes keep it up

Would love to see one of the “experts” debate you but they won’t because they’re gutless & their lies can’t be backed up. Kary Mullis wanted to debate Fauci but that never happened before he died.. We need to support truth in media & government. Reignite Democracy Australia have just formed a new political party that are on our page.

Unfortunately fear seems to have gotten a stranglehold on the vast majority of humans at present.. but as Scomo put it in his recent speech “the jungle is growing back” referring to the awakened amongst the population

The endgame here was always the Jab., and yes!! It’s a bio weapon!! They sprung a made made lab flu to create fear ., rest is history…

Created a problem to sell a deadly solution….GO GO Jamie❤️

The truth well said

very well

Brilliant!! I’d love to watch someone who believes this bs debate you! That poor mf would regret that quick smart!

This was your best video yet Would love to see someone go live with you & try “fact check you”

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!! HANGINGGG for a live debate.

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