$1 Million Challenge to Billionaire Twiggy Forrester That He Is Wrong About Forcing His Workers To Take the Jab

$1 Million Challenge to Billionaire Twiggy Forrester That He Is Wrong About Forcing His Workers To Take the Jab

Facebook Post by Jamie McIntyre

Dear Twiggy Forester,

I challenge you $1 million,that you are wrong about forcing all FMG workers, to take the rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective,unproven,untested ( except all the animals tested on died ) risky, fraudulent, insane, ludicrous dangerous and deadly experimental drug, for a global experiment,disguised as a vaccine .

I challenge you, that you will kill over 5% or more of your workers, within 36 months, and injure 25% plus in 36 months from your communist, totalitarian,policy – so much for ending human slavery, when you just removed your workers rights to medical freedom ,and are forcing them to be drug junkies against their will,and pushing dangerous vaccine extremism,and propaganda on them,for yourself undisclosed reasons.
As a business leader that many of us resoected, to hear your stance is deeply disturbing.

Do you want to leave a legacy of death and misery , another globalist sell out billionaire that’s sold his soul to the devil?
Be a man of character, ethics and integrity, and a real leader, not another charlatan, co ercing,bullying, bribing and intimidating people who need a job to take a jab.

And the law suits will dwarf the $1 million you’ll owe me ,which I’ll put towards trying to help those dying in agony from the dodgy experimental drugs masquerading as a Bs 19 vaccine, to try and recover or at least due in less pain.

Yours Sincerely

Jamie McIntyre

Founder of the Australian National Review


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Here’s what others had to say:

Mina Theseus
I understand that there will be those that will feel they have no choice, but to those that DO…leave. Leave in droves and then who is left to mine his money?

Robin Bennett
What have they got on him?

Uli Kruger
Do those pollies who are selling us out to the globalist actually understand what they are doing? What happens in 1 to 2 years when all the vaxxed will die from bloodclotting and when only 5 million of us are left? Do they think the globalist will leave us with country and its resources or will it be repopulated by Chinese elitists? This seems to be plan. According to World Bank manifest, the Covid19 program will run until 2025. Phase one is supposed to conclude this year with 80% getting jabbed. The period until 2025 is phase 2 when people start to drop like flies. Our current governments will then be crucified and held to account, but they are expendable also. When society has completely collapsed, the UN globalists will come in for the “rescue”.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/global-issues/1-million-challenge-to-billionaire-twiggy-forrester-that-he-is-wrong-about-forcing-his-workers-to-take-the-jab/

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