19 Year Old Suffers a Heart Attack After Taking the Jab in Tweed Heads

19 Year Old Suffers a Heart Attack After Taking the Jab in Tweed Heads

Instagram Post By Jamie McIntyre

19 year old suffers a heart attack after taking the jab in Tweed Heads. Sadly every day at the Australian National Review, not for profit, independent media we get flooded with death and injuries daily – and you know what?
– always from the jab – never from the big bad Bs 19. The fraud must be stopped – notice it’s only the mainstream media (which is unhinged fringe media ) that take money from the Govt and Vazzine makers, that are the only ones pushing the conspiracy theories that we have a Bs 19 pandemic. And that we must take a experimental drug, with the side effect of death, to return to normal – unless normal is your work mates, family and friends, 6 ft under then there is no returning to normal until people tell these little pricks to go shove their little pricks somewhere else.

Australian National Review

News that refuses to take the big bucks on offer to push deadly drugs on you.

Original Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUWdXTilfsD/?utm_medium=copy_link

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