A Letter You Can Send to Employers, Trying To Make You Take a Experimental Drug

A Letter You Can Send to Employers, Trying To Make You Take a Experimental Drug

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

A letter you can send to employers, trying to make you take an experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne with the side effect of death when it’s none of their business.

Australian National Review

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Don’t resign.

Don’t take the jab.

Force them to sack you, and you win.

Most are getting unpaid leave, when you challenge them, all are allowed to continue working.

It’s all bluff to get weaker-minded to take the lethal injection.

Here’s what others had to say:

Tracy Harris
A few of us got banned from qld health fri for not being vacced, due to mandates /directives. Two people joined up the red union/ npaq.. nurses professional union of qld. Gave them docs to fill out on risk assessment form, emailed mgt and started work the next day,
unvacced but have to wear masks. Can anyone provide further info. They are definitely working

Zak Aleksandar
If the vaccinated are spreading the virus, why are they allowed to work?

Sonia Bailey
Barbara Edith Vasyl

Abbas Ahrabi
Booster jab every 6 months? 1.5mn double-dosed & recovered Israelis lose Green Pass privileges as stricter Covid-19 rules kick in
Israel has revoked all Green Passes issued to date, with the new guidelines limiting Covid-19 immunity status only to those who naturally recovered or received their latest vaccine shot within the past six months.
AT LEAST 1.5 MILLION ISRAELIS LOST THEIR GREEN PASSES as the new rules kicked in on Sunday, according to the Jerusalem Post, while Channel 12 news estimated the number to be close to two million. Those eligible have been issued a replacement certificate.

Justin Badine
Speaking the truth about this mass psyop + abuse and tyranny

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