A New Low for Humanity

A New Low for Humanity

By Jamie McIntyre

A new low for humanity – Make a Wish Foundation hang your head in shame – I’ll never donate another wish again – how about a wish to leave our kids the f**k alone.


Here’s what others had to say:


Yeah because that’s what dying kids need, more poison in their bodies. I’m going to go as far to say that I believe a lot of childhood cancer is on fact caused by childhood vaxxinez!

This is crazy! My nephew had cancer and they said he couldn’t be vaccinated, but that the rest of the family should be, because their immune system is too weak!

My god make this stop if I was a parent to a child with cancer …I would do everything in my power to “make a wish “ come through for my own child and not depend on an organisation to do that , it’s all about taking the power back into your own hands ! This is so sad

They won’t be revieving anymore donations from me, shame on them

Vulnerable kids suffering from cancer would probably die from these poisons.

I stopped donating to these so called charities ages ago..if the want money the can ask good old mr gates for some..

Never donating to a ‘charity’ again

These people are crazy. These kids are dying. Shame on these people.

Won’t be donating to them, sad announcement

Never ever will donate again!! Makes me sick

Let all the shitstem show their true colours!

Beyond disgusting

No!!!! ive lost all faith in humanity

I don’t think anything surprises me anymore. They’re all puppets parading for the establishment

This is so evil – they should be completely ashamed

What a terrible shocking statement from Make a Wish Foundation.

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