Attempted Extortion Attempt Against ANR Founder Linked to Underworld and Former Assistant


Attempted Extortion Attempt Against ANR Founder Linked to Underworld and Former Assistant

By Newzealand Times

An attempted extortion attempt to silence the ANR Founder has been unearthed, with alleged links to violent bikies.

The Australian National Review is a not-for-profit Independent media site established back in 2013, originally a printed newspaper in Newsagents, which recently expanded into a global 24-hour news channel.

When asked about the recent extortion attempt, the ANR Founder said, “it’s being reported to lawyers, and extra personal security is being arranged for myself and my fiancé

He went on to say,

“At this stage, it appears to be simply an 18-year-old ex-contractor who started a sexual relationship with a mid-forty-year-old ice addict, to extort money, allegedly collaborating to make baseless sexual allegations” (who has an AVO on him from threatening to kill his previous girlfriend, and assaulted and nearly bashed a man to death only last year, for looking at his girlfriend in front of restaurant patrons. One such patron included Billionaire Clive Palmer, at a Gold Coast Restaurant, and he allegedly has multiple assault charges against him, already, and is reportedly connected to a Gold Coast bikie gang.

However, since, further reports have been made, that certain individuals have been offered money to make baseless allegations to smear his name, that are linked to them.

It appears this dangerous man commenced a sexual relationship with the ANR 18-year-old assistant, and has been using her to extort close to 6 figures from the ANR Founder.

We have been warned at ANR on multiple occasions to be careful if we continue to expose anything linked to elite pedophiles, and child sex trafficking. Plus, the information we have that potentially links Jeffrey Epstein to who he actually worked for”.

The ANR Founder said it isn’t anything new, as he said he was character assassinated back in 2014 by competitor Fairfax Media & what appeared to be deep state operatives working with a Government department and Fairfax Media, who were making false allegations.”

“It ended up costing me tens of millions plus 5 stolen land projects worth a fortune today & destroyed many of my companies, and over 50 staff lost the jobs they loved, and some of my investors lost as well, which they framed on me.”

He said at this time the latest extortion attempts seem to be just amateurish, by simply opportunistic desperate people, after a quick buck, but it’s not always what it seems.

“It’s very easy to pay anyone money to make an allegation, especially when their name is kept protected, but the targeted person is left to deny them, often in expensive court cases, and one’s name can be damaged by such smears.

And what better smear when exposing pedophiles rings, and child sex trafficking than making sexual allegation claims.

They did it to Julian Assange to get him locked up, and silence him, despite it coming out later he had nothing to answer for.

He went on to say,” Sadly threats of violence have been made, and the money being extorted is substantial.

But he warns those speaking out about the Covid fraud, and especially those like himself trying to expose the elite pedophile rings, and child sex trafficking, that character assassination is highly likely to occur. Or worse, actual allegations of assassination attempts have occurred sadly, against people who have gone public in the past, with events such as the Lincoln Park saga and others.

We refuse to be silenced the ANR Founder said. “He said we have to accept the risk of taking a stand against Government and media corruption, (which means the Government can throw money at baseless allegations to destroy someone’s reputation or to leverage their silence, or to set conditions to prevent them speaking out) and help expose the satanic child sacrifice and child sex trafficking, and the cover-up of pedophiles linked to famous past politicians in this country, otherwise more will continue to suffer. The light must be brought to the dark to make the world a better place. And being smeared to silence us is part of the territory.

It could be worse, but the world is under a Globalist coup whether half the population understands it or not, and the Globalists are desperate to shut down independent media or silence its backers, so their fraud doesn’t get exposed.

Sadly, it has become very dangerous to do our work, and I already relocated my home for security reasons earlier this year.

In desperate times we now live in, where the billionaire globalists behind the Covid fraud, and child sex trafficking industry, are being exposed, there is little they won’t do to silence anyone. And the only industry exposing them is independent media, as mainstream media is largely owned or controlled by the Globalists, and independent media is one of the only things stopping them from achieving a complete takeover of our supposed Sovereign nations, to usher in the Great Reset Agenda.

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