Australian Hospitals Getting Flooded With Vaxx Adverse Reactions – Never From Cov

Australian Hospitals Getting Flooded With Vaxx Adverse Reactions – Never From Cov

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Anyone that takes an experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne, with the side effect of death, for a “ hyped flu”, may well possess intelligence, but certainly isn’t using it, when making a decision to take such unnecessary risks for zero benefits.

Each to their own, but it’s hard to argue it’s an intelligent choice, and to promote it to seek herd validation as some form of virtue signalling, only reflects even less intelligence.

No offence, but if you influence someone to make an equally stupid decision, are you prepared to pay them significant compensation on the good chance they suffer injuries or death as a result.

I’d suggest it’s best to keep your drug-taking private, as the world has enough issues, rather than people being covid fraud deniers, and vaccine extremists.

You were born smarter than that and should stand for more than being an unpaid drug spruiker for a dodgy fraudulent industry.

You can make dumb decisions in life and often get away with it.
Sadly this isn’t one.

And yes I’ve studied the fraud of the industry for almost a decade so my said experience is substantial.

If you don’t call out vaccine extremism and Covid fraud deniers you are supporting the sick, fraudulent industry, by default.

Call them out, or they’ll take our entire nation, and world down, with their collective ignorance, and arrogance and mass pychosis.

Harsh – maybe but true?

Well all get to see over the next 12-36 months just how deadly these jabs are ( all blamed on Covid of course or variants – or a new virus they plan to release )

It’s sad to see people who can think, not.

It isn’t a time to be PC woke.


Here’s what others had to say:

Tommy Gunn
If I don’t take it by the 15th to work, will be homeless within few months, no choice..

Alan Beck
I have a couple of nurse friends in melbourne telling me the hospitals are full of people who have covid and they are very sick.
They said it’s got nothing to do with the vaccine and the vaccine is what is saving those from dying (getting sick)
What I want to know is are the front line doctors seeing these vax people and then putting it on their note pads that they have covid and putting it down as a “Covid” patient instead of saying they are a vax patient that are having a reaction to the vaccine?
I think if we got the data and evidence this was happening, they would be screwed.

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