Australian National Review Founder Makes a Heartfelt Plea to His Hometown

Australian National Review Founder Makes a Heartfelt Plea to His Hometown

By Australian National Review

Australian National Review founder makes a heartfelt plea to his hometown to say not to the rushed to market, unproven, ineffective, unnecessary, insane, ludicrous, dangerous, and deadly Global Medical Experiment

I thought good country folk would be much smarter than to fall for the Covid Fraud and to take a deadly experimental drug, that’s injured 60 million already, globally and 850,000 dead and counting (there has been massive underreporting of deaths and injuries)

It doesn’t protect you from anything, nor protect anyone.

How many Covid deaths in Glen Innes, NSW, Australia – zero

How many will sadly die from the Covid jab?
Thousands within 3 years, all less if the rollout isn’t stopped?

In a time in history like now.

You need to have good bullshit detectors, and trust me Covid is the biggest bullshit scam on the planet,  a decade in the making when they failed hyping a normal strain out of Sth America in 2010 into a Global Pandemic- remember Sars 1 and got caught (see them motion put through the European Parliament re this and how the drug companies had dangerous levels of influence over the WHO.

The vaccines are the bioweapon.

1300% more chance of dying if you take it in the latest studies.

That’s 13 times increase of dying.
250% increase in viral loads if injected into you.

Taking this death shot will be the biggest regret so many innocent and to trusting and good country people make.

Lambs to slaughter, misled, misinformed by a massive global PR campaign by those making billions killing millions.

Why would you trust the id**t box, and id**t box presenters, and id**t Health Ministers, being paid a fortune by vaccine makers, to push sales, for something that you have more chance of dying by being struck by lightening, or by driving your car to get the death shot.

And I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been many deaths in Glen Innes from lightening.

Do not take it under any circumstances, says some of the smartest brains on the planet, and your going to listen to your local GP, who would lose his job if he told you anything other than what the Government demands.

You’ll be not taking 1  shot either but 6 per year, until you become a pin cushion.

And I have a $1 million challenge that no one can take the 6 shots planned and still be standing.

They’ll be dead, or so sick they wished they were dead.

For the sake of Glen Innes’s future,  people must wake up and stop falling for the conspiracy theory that Covid is a deadly pandemic.
Have you seen anyone drop dead or sick from Covid?

But every day at the Australian National Review, we are flooded with readers in tears as their loved ones are dead from taking the vaxx or so sick they can’t even walk.

Nurses tell us daily.
“ Jamie We had no one in Covid wards sick from Covid.

But now we are swamped with sick and dying patients from the death shot.

None are being reported.”

How many brave Doctors and Scientists, have to risk their live, warning people not to take it before you decide to turn off the id**t box and the id**ts on it.

What’s happened to this world.

When I was a kid anyone pushing drugs upon kids or anyone we would have told them to f .. off a d taught them a lesson.

And now they are now pushing it on 12 year olds, telling kids they can go behind their parents back, and go and become a little drug junkie and get injected with the worlds most deadliest substance ever invented

No other drug in human history has killed this many and injured this many so fast

And just wait for the 3,6,12,24,36,48 months or 10 year studies

Anyone telling you adverse reactions are rare is a liar or parroting lies

I would say punch them in the face but let’s not advocate violence back against the ever so violent vazzine extremists so eager to get their little pricks into you.

Why such a big sell job for you to take it.

A real pandemic you wouldn’t need to sell us.

We’d be begging for it.

Name one person you’ve seen drop dead in the Main Street of Glen Innes of Covid?

And anyone that thinks that know someone who has died of Covid?

When investigated I bet they didn’t.

Were they already sick and dying?
We’re they put on the deadly ventilators?
End of life drugs. Starved, dehydrated
Pesky relatives banned so they can’t see their granny being murdered to boost so-called Covid deaths?

It’s state sanctioned murder and we will hold these murderers accountable for killing our loved ones

This is murder period.

If my Grandmother was alive to this day, she’d be disgusted in what this world has become.

And how spineless many Australians have been in failing to protest and stand up for our human freedoms and civil liberties and human decency

The Anzacs would turn in the graves to see Australia fall so easily and quickly to the Globalists coup using Covid as a Trojan horse to take us over, lock us up and fire 4 billion shots into the arms of innocents and 43 more each day

We are at war

But I don’t hear the shots being fired

That’s because they are silent shots to the arm but far deadlier.

I’m begging my Glen Innes friends and community.
Do not take this death shot.

You’ll regret it.

You’ll see it kill so many of your loved ones.

Something COVID will never do.

And delta variant bullshit.
Is a cover for vaccine death and injury.

1000 new cases in NSW overnight.

Complete bs.

How are they tested for Covid
Let me guess a PCR Covid test kit shipped to the Governments around the world in 2017-18 (before Covid was announced strangely)

That can’t differentiate between Covid and the normal flue

I just wonder why

Sorry to say but if you’ve form through 20 months of this Covid fraud and still think it’s a real pandemic, may I suggest to much sunshine or 1 stubbie short of a 6 pack.

There is no proper test kit for Covid.
And 90% of them show no symptoms

As they aren’t sick.

10% show mild flu symptoms.


Because that’s all it is. All flu deaths rebranded plus some to invent 5 million supposed deaths.

A “bad flu”

That’s what our PM and others have stated, not me

You can read all the research on newsites so as Australian National Review

One of the few independent news sites in the country.

We refuse to take money like all other newsites that are paid millions to push experimental drugs on you so any other news ask them, how much are you paid to lie to us?

Or read the report at the Global Health Organisation. and you’ll never fall for taking the death shots again.

I’ve studied the fraud of this industry for 8 years.
I’ve been invited by Doctors and Scientists, to speak at conferences, and with  their help I even wrote a book on it in 2016, to expose the fraud of this industry

But don’t listen to me.

Listen to the Doctors and Scientists who are speaking out.

Your local GP can’t tell you the truth,or they’ll lose  their license.

There will not be enough body bags by Xmas to bury the dead around the world from those deadly experimental drugs sadly.

Did you know all the animals they tested them on died?

They skipped the proper animal trials – which means you are the lab rat.

Your body

Your choice.
But why listen to dodgy Health Ministers and Politicians being paid to push these deadly drugs?

The first shot 30% of you get is a placebo.

Others get ones that have a delayed effect.

And some get the ones that will make you sick straight away.

Take a second shot, and you do not get a placebo.

Also by taking it, you are injected with the deadly virus.
Which produce spike proteins.

They can spread to the unvaccinated and injure or kill them.

We have mountains of evidence of this.

So if laying on your death bed, in agony from being foolish enough to take an experimental drug isn’t bad enough,
Knowing you may have killed your loved ones as well is worse.

There is no going back to normal when 70%
Now 80%
Then 90% are vaccinated.

Unless you consider 6ft undergoing back to normal.

Please do your own research from non paid propaganda sites.

Anyone can track my history of predictions on this fraud over  Facebook posts and the McIntyre Report show I do etc.

I haven’t been wrong yet.
I wish I was with this but we aren’t.

To all my Glen Innes community.

Please do not take the death shot.

You’ll wipe half the town out within 36 months or less. Sick and dying and all blamed on Covid yet it was the dodgy profitable experimental drug all along.

And by the way, the lockdowns will be off and on for 3.5 more years. They are lying to you and already know this.

They are lying to you time and time again. Dodgy lying mother flower politicians bloated on Astra Zeneca shares.

Put your live in the hands of those dodgy Covid fraudsters, and you’ll pay a big price.

Just say no.

Glen Innes people have a backbone. Don’t fall for it.

Tell the little pricks trying to push little pricks into your kids to go shuff it.

I wouldn’t take the jab for $10 billion in cash as I know what’s in them.

But others for a free Bunnings sausage would.

You know get a bonus 2 blood clots, a heart attack, aids, and rabies, which has just been found in them, and plenty of other viruses loaded into them to kill and injure.

Sorry to be a bearer of bad news.

But let me put it on the record what I’ve stated.

Sit back and watch who is right.

Don’t let ego make you take a death shot.

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