Australia’s International Border Restrictions Extended


Australia’s International Border Restrictions Extended

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre


Australia’s international border restrictions extended

Wow, that’s a surprise

Tell every poor schmuck if you take 2 sorry 3 sorry 6 jabs and become a Pfizer pin cushion by Xmas you can then fly overseas – which of course was always a lie. Imagine laying on a tropical beach relaxing, then you get your 2 free AstraZeneca blood clots , and your free heart attack Pfizer threw in to compete.

Australian National Review

We make the mainstream media look like the joke they are.

Here’s what others had to say:

Michael E Martin
The biggest problem is that people are accepting this f**ken BULLSHIT….. as though it is real….. People with ZERO BRAINS

Kiearna Plozza
So looks like all those poor people who booked to fly overseas around Christmas will need to cancel

Bronte Banks
You’ve got to wonder what it’s going to take for people to wake up

Ann Patricia Klue
Hahahaha, meantime in South Africa where 70% are unvaxxed we are enjoying the Summer holidays on the beach. I just shared an undercover vid on my timeline, our hospitals are EMPTY. We are not dropping dead.

Carl James Bullivant
Still sheep line up. By complying and taking the easy road all they are doing is prolonging this shit show. Stop acquiescing, stand your ground and say, “no.” We do that and its life like 2018/19 again.

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