Be a Smart Human – Not a Dumb Human Who Believes in the Cov Fraud After 22 Months, Despite It Being Debunked

Be a Smart Human – Not a Dumb Human Who Believes in the Cov Fraud After 22 Months, Despite It Being Debunked

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

What a scam, but some still fall for it. Be a smart human – not a dumb human who believes in the Covid fraud after 22 months, despite it being de bunked (except on mainstream media that is paid to sell you the fraud)
Come on. God gave you a brain. Use it.
Vaccines are to cull the herd of stupid people. Choose wisely before joining the death cult herd.
A degree doesn’t equal intelligence either, clearly.
If you haven’t figured out yet that Covid is a scientific fraud, I’m sorry to let you know, but you are in the very, very slow class. No offence. Take a jab or 6 and prove me right. You will never die of Covid but try 6 Covid vaccines or even 3 and try walking upright.

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Here’s what others had to say: 

Noni Harare
1. When will they start forcing it literally knocking on doors with army? Bc this has me scared that they will…
2. Yes..doctors aren’t necessarily brainiacs…my dad has nerve damage and was prescribed an antidepressant that acts as nerve pain reliever. I questioned the drug as there were 1000’s of reports of scary reactions and majority becoming addicted! She laughed at me…4 mths later = A current affair did huge story exposing the drug which will soon be banned!

Clare Jay
So what happens when ‘the Government’ says “go to the city, find the tallest building, – and jump off the top”……..does that mean everyone must do that too?

Keith Silli
Definition of stupid is doing something over and over again with the same results expecting different … the vaccine isn’t working !!

Adrian Ellis
“The last thing I wanna say is, we all have the responsibilities to go and get our booster shots, if you want to stay in work, if you want your favorite café or restaurant or your favorite pub to stay open then you need to go and get your booster shot, so look at your little green certificate, your vaccination date is up there in the top-right hand corner, mark your calendars 6 months from that date, and go and get your booster shot .. then blah blah” – Stuart Ayres (7news Sydney Live) – Time stamp: 16:45. … so is this still about health? or keeping ones job?

Kristy Carr
Do they have a clue of what they actually say, WTF! Robots? Zombies?They have to be, no humanity and disregard human rights, no problem!!! WTF anyone know how to talk to imbeciles?

John Harris
blackmailing people, take the jab or lose your job, this is criminal.

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