Channel 9 admitting masks shouldn’t be used

Channel 9 admitting masks shouldn’t be used

By Jamie McIntyre


Here’s what others had to say:

Did we just hear a small amount of truth on the MSM?!? Write the date down.

Masks are pointless, Fauci said that last year. That was also the last time he told the truth. No mask, no vaccine passports, and by God NO TOTALITARIAN OCCUPATION!

Staff in factories making masks were not even wearing masks or gloves ‍♀️ so much for them being sterile ‍♀️

The clown show rolls on

The sheeple don’t care ! The mask is their false sense of security ! They are brainwashed

Yet the clowns in the ACT Government have “mandated” mask use to protect us from, well, technically nothing with zero “cases” here. All it did was make wankers run out and buy bog roll.

This is old.. and conveniently forgotten.

Hope all governments in Australia see this

Awesome finally common sense.

Well we already knew this but what i don’t like is that people have to hear it on the mainstream to believe it. Hopefully people watching will rethink what their conspiracy theorist friends say after hearing this from now on, as they seem to present the facts before the media.

Home made masks don’t work.


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