COV Property Predictions. Central and North Queensland Will Be the Next Massive Property Boom

COV Property Predictions. Central and North Queensland Will Be the Next Massive Property Boom

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Covid Property Predictions.

Central and North Queensland will be the next massive property boom.

Sth East QLD too, but it may suffer from pending lockdowns.

Lockdowns in Melb and Sydney are planned for March 2025 so they’ll promise they’ll open up, but we know, as should the Politicians, that high vaccination rates, mean high virus spreading, and they’ll blame Covid. Thus lockdowns will be ongoing.
The Best bet is to sell city homes and buy some land in regional Australia.

I’ve done that recently for good reason.
I sold out of the Gold Coast and left.

The ability to have fresh water, grow food, be away from 5G as much as possible, and away from cities.

Cities will fall. Food shortages will be worse as will Police brutality and martial law.
The spread of spike proteins from the vaccinated will be greater in cities due to population density.

Unless we win this war. Even then we should seek a simpler more sustainable life.

And with half the country sound asleep still, unfortunately it will make victory incredibly difficult.
Melbourne will suffer a property crash in many suburbs.

Western Sydney will suffer too.

Australia has been to urbanised anyone, the highest Urbanised country in the world, a Globalist Agenda 21, Agenda.

Regional Australia will boom, but sadly many in country towns will die from the vaccines.

Less than cities, as country folk can see bullshit better.

Sadly many elderly don’t as they place too much faith in the corrupted medical system. Faith that will lead to their early demise.

I’ would say where the next no 1 property spot is but I prefer to keep that a secret for now.

But you can guess.

Here’s what others had to say:

Julie Tuckwell
I hated central QLD when I moved here 6 and a half years ago, now I am thanking my lucky stars that my husband took his job offer and we packed up our kids and moved here. I finally have an appreciation for where I live and feel blessed that we made that decision to move. If we didn’t, we would be stuck on the Central Coast of NSW under lockdown.

Karalyn Sladka
Just don’t go near that big Radar at Emerald

Brent Cibaleo
What’s the advice you can offer for those that will be loosing their revenue streams due to the mandates etc..

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