Craig Kelly Responds to Romeo

Craig Kelly Responds to Romeo

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

A Solid response has been given by Craig Kelly.

Beggars can’t be choosers, is what I say.

We either want billionaires like Palmer and PM material like Craig on our side or we don’t.

Do we want them siding with the Globalists like Twiggy Forrester is and most other Australian Billionaires who focus on their own pocket, not on trying to defend the undefended.

It’s not a personality contest folks.

You’re fighting for your life. Freedom or Global communism. This isn’t a joke.

We need all the help we can get so we must be grateful for their assistance, not behave like not picking children like we are in the box seat and have many alternate options.

United we stand divided we fall.

Without Palmer’s massive donations to his political party we have zero chance of the resistance getting to form Government.

Vote for your favourite independent or minor party by all means. But we’ll need Clive Palmer and Craig to help form a coalition of the smaller parties to have any chance of taking Government.

Now is not a time for egos but a time to eliminate the corrupt labor liberal and green and banish them from the entire political process.

If the major parties primary vote can be kept to low 30’s % then there is a real chance they can be defeated. There is massive groundswell support to remove them and the Greens from power.

Australian National Review

Media that has been exposing Government and Media corruption since 2013, that the “ deep state “  and Globalists hate.

CK response to Romeo, part 1..


Here’s what others had to say:

Ian Van Roden
Absolutely right. Major parties must go. Alliances are needed. Doesn’t matter if they are not your favourites. True strength is working with your ‘enemies’ for the bigger objective.

Effie Kavadas
Please stop bickering against each other and lets unite all parties should join together to get rid of corrupt liberal and labour otherwise we are doomed.

Nancy Dover
Miscommunication happens easily, happens all the time. Come on guys, we need you to be on the same page. Cast the ego aside, and work for the greater good for the country and the people. I like and follow all of you … we need each other to win the fight and we don’t need a rift right now. Kiss and make up.

Lediyah Ledda Réflections
Hi! Jamie McIntyre, It’s going to take these new political parties, Craig, Clive, Pauline all of them to unite & become (One Force). Your right, it’s not a time to be complacent. The Third party option has to be on a large scale. And, if these minor parties don’t unite together. How do they expect to win? As much as these other parties-want to keep there own policies etc & be independent. It isn’t a time for fighting over who’s party is better? There are about 4 independent parties that need to blend together. Remember, the Australian system is not like the American system. Where, they Vote only One choice. Australian system can easily be rigged at a 6 choice box number sequence. It’s not right, that the preference vote will go to one of the two major parties. I say we need a Coup.

Rosie Leo
No thanks you Can say what ever you want at the end of it all you have been I politics far to long to pretend you do not know what is going on and what will continue to go on with politicians! Craig Kelly show us your oath !

John Harris
Romeo Georges does lose it sometimes but most people are ignorant on the preference system, it can be confusing.

Barbara Marangidis
I would believe anyone but a politician lol for Kelly to feel threatened by georges video and go live and explain himself says a lot..

Tristan Knight
Some people like Mr George use opportunities like this to paint themselves as a Braveheart type warrior but remain on the sidelines. When the attention is taken from them they attack anyone that will enable them to return to their sanctimonious position of commentator and still do nothing. Mr George prefaces everything by saying he is an average Joe. Well Mr George we don’t need average Joe’s we need extraordinary Joe’s who are going to create unity and build resistance not mouth off in a car and make out they are the Philosopher King of contemporary freedom. If you’re so confident CK and United Australia Party are less than honorable, invite them to address your issues live. But you won’t because you’d lose your status as the Moses of the disinfranchised.

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