Do Not Support Medical Apartheid, or Support Any Business Ever Again, That Bans the Unvaxxinated


Do Not Support Medical Apartheid, or Support Any Business Ever Again, That Bans the Unvaxxinated

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre


Those business owners in Queensland that today decide to join the enemy of the people, and ban the unvaccinated.

By putting money, above personal liberty, and human freedoms, you will end up with neither.

Do the right thing, and simply say “no to medical apartheid”.

Otherwise, you will be blacklisted, named and shamed, and added to class actions, for your illegal actions. Business owners supporting the mandates are supporting the Great Reset Agenda, which is Global Communism. You become a traitor to the people, and there is a very big price to pay for that.

Have principle and honour. Do not support medical apartheid, or support any business ever again, that bans the unvaccinated.

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

Kerrie Sheehan
In Vic now we can all go to the packed shops without showing any vax proof, but we can’t take the kids to the outdoor theme parks

Bazz A Basil
Signed up to Truthbook, nice interface, let’s support it people and oust that Cretin MZ

Anna Feleppa
Never thought it would get to this. I thought people would be more humane than this.

Jo Camilleri
This will never end until the majority have had ‘enough’, when it starts affecting them.

Valerie Monay
You are amazing thank you for being you. I love your passion and integrity

Kathryn Burns
Thank you Jamie for speaking out and wanting our freedoms with so much passion.

Joanne Fairbrother
I got called up by the police to see of I was away of the qr rules on Friday.

Ame Helen
Thanks Jamie..yep we are getting the parallel society organized supporting those who lose their jobs and such. I’ve got a sticker on my car…”Just Say No!” Cheers Amethyst in W.A.

Ester Grigsby
I appreciate you for speaking human rights Jamie. Where’s our liberty & freedom of choice to make our own decisions?

Naldzz Baxx
A lot of Businesses in Newcastle have permanantly locked out the unvaxxed now that were allowed out Shamefull!

Debbie Hyde
RSLs in Campbelltown have decided no unjabbed allowed entry still

Merv Smith
Good on you Jamie it’s good to see that someone has the balls to stand up against these dictators

Rita McIntyre
You are 100% correct!!

Barnaby Austin Wheway
you are speaking in defense of our children, bravo!!!

Colin Ivory
Good on you Jamie. !!!
We the real strong people Support you and the cause , fight for our FREEDOM

Jillian Zamora
Thanks for your passion and power Jamie. Totally on board here ⭐️

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