Don’t Be Scared of These Weak De Masculated Men That Are Kiddie Fiddlers Running the World …

Don’t Be Scared of These Weak De Masculated Men That Are Kiddie Fiddlers Running the World …

By Australian National Review (ANR)

Don’t be scared of these weak de masculated men that are kiddie fiddlers running the world

And choose what conspiracy theory you believe

The conspiracy that Covid is a deadly pandemic which requires us all to be vaxxed to return to normal


It’s a plandemic and a Trojan horse for the criminal elites “Great totalitarian Reset” Agenda?

Only one of the above has evidence to prove it is not a conspiracy theory

Download Global Health Organisation report:

Support Take Back Our World and Take Back Australia

Support the resistance and the New Global Resistance “Our World Coin”


Here’s what others had to say:

Jennifer Schultz
We need an airline called ‘vax-free air’.

Wayne Bodell
Why are they ordering 85000000 million doses of vaccine when we only have 28000000 million people live here are we expecting visitors.

Ashleigh Nees
Show me proof why would the government want to send us back to the stone age I don’t watch news much but my grandfather got polio without ever having a vaccine so Show me proof.

Charleen Miller
I was told today that the lockdown won’t end till September.

Glenda Curtis
Jamie Mclntyre We need a freedom rally in Canberra where everyone turns up all around Australia when the politicians are sitting.

Si Nguyen
Keep up the fight Jamie. Luv what you’re doing bro.✊ ✊ I have faith in humanity!

Dana Randall
They’re already talking about a deadlier strain coming .. that’ll be the vaxd dropping.

Victoria Linkin
Love u Jamie – THANKYOU – here’s to us Melbourne rally walkers

Dana Randall
Yeah they’ll continue it til oct to push nsw to jab. Stay strong.

Lynette Compton
Great. We the unjabbed can go to olympics. Won’t be many of us there.

Hete S Elizabet
Airline industry has been in crisis for years, perfect time to “re structure”.

Tayla Evans
‼️‼️ ATTENTION JAMIE – we need to expose the REAL ENEMY right now the media!!! We need to start calling them out on this BULLSHIT
ANY SUGGESTIONS!??!!??!?!?!?!

Lynette Compton
Exactly. What happened to colds and flu season.

Lynette Compton
Never stop speaking this truth Jamie. Love your videos❤❤

Jeanne-marie Hawkins
Our reporters will sell their souls for a new handbag.

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