Five Things I Am Grateful For


Five Things I Am Grateful For

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre


Here’s what others had to say:

Jacky Pracy
Wish I could get to see mine but need to be double vaxed to get back into QLD.

Kelly Trounson
I love how raw you are Jamie. It’s f**king true and the truth will set us free.

Pete Irvine
It is mass hypnosis. They are under a spell.

Lorraine Chalfont
They are so desperate you should see the front pages in the papers in the UK today

Julieann Sutton
I have only just found out that Australia has an ABN and is listed on the Stock Market!! It shattered me, honestly! How do we take back our Country??
Blessings to you and your’s!

Tony Davis
They are running petrified here in the west. Testing station traffic jams.

Eve Goonan
Youre right, I wonder if people would jump off a cliff if the CHO told them

Lyn Craven
I like that Jamie. the Devils Juice ! So it is and we true bloods will stay clean and true. Thx for all you do – happy Xmas and New year xx

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