For Those Who Still Believe in “Cov Is a Pandemic and the Pathway Back to Normal Is To Take an Experimental Jab”

For Those Who Still Believe in “Cov Is a Pandemic and the Pathway Back to Normal Is To Take an Experimental Jab”

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

For those who still believe in “Covid is a pandemic and the pathway back to normal is to take a experimental jab with the side effect of death for an imaginary flu”.

You won’t be going back to normal.

Global Communism doesn’t allow that.
You won’t be opening up for long.

What freedoms is there in a Globalist Coup?

As the vaccinated are the ones with the deadly viruses injected into them, as they were foolish enough to fall for the Covid is a Pandemic conspiracy theory, and despite it being de bunked so many times, still only listen to what’s on the idiot box with idiot box presenters and idiot Health Ministers. (despite them paid millions to sell you the conspiracy)

If you keep believing in baseless conspiracy theories ,pushed on mainstream media to sell you dodgy drugs ,then don’t expect to ever have your life back, and start planning your funeral or 24 hour medical care, and stay away from others as you become a deadly spike protein super spreader from your somewhat selfish act,to take an unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne.

If you choose to be both ignorant, and arrogant about what’s actually happening, and shallow enough to need herd validation (even if it’s a death cult herd) to post that you are now a happy pin cushion and drug junkie.

Don’t expect much sympathy when you should have known better.

Collective human stupidity has a price, one we all have to pay for the stupid ones selling out their own futures and that of our community and nation and world.

Watching the idiot box and idiot box presenters and expecting to not be an idiot is wishful thinking.

Any confusion re what I’m saying

Say no to experimental drugs and Covid fraud pushers or end up sick and dying.

No bullshit news


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