Hospitals Are Not a Safe Place To Be!!

Hospitals Are Not a Safe Place To Be!!

By Australian National Review

Hospitals are not safe places to be.
The Covid fraudsters are desperate to have young people die, to falsely classify them as a Covid death, they are not just happy killing the elderly now to inflate Covid deaths.

They list deaths of young people dying in Covid, around the world, with allegations of the same already happening in Australia.

They use a false PCR test kit, which can’t distinguish between flu’s or Covid (they are the same when it comes to inflated cases and deaths so that would be why to deceive you into partaking in the deadly global medical Experiment that’s injured over 50 million and killed over 500,000 – won’t hear that on the news).

They put the patient on deadly ventilators and drugs.

This kills healthy people, let alone if someone had co-morbidities.

The patient if they die to get, is falsely listed as a Covid death.
If they don’t they’ll keep them on ventilators often to they do.

Media falsely hype that someone young died of Covid (a lie but the media are owned or paid to by the same criminals selling the vaccines – vaccine cronies snd the Globalists) to take the Bs 19 jab to save everyone.

The gullible vaccine extremists, then hit social media attacking anti vaxxers (who simply are researched people, who dared ask the question are BS 19 jabs safe effective or necessary – or have loved ones dead or dying from the Bs 19 jab).

The cycle continues.

They have done this for 18 months with the elderly, but now it’s time to vaxx the young, they are desperate to list the young as dying of Covid.

The elderly were banned from having relatives visit, starved and dehydrated and put on the end of life drugs and often the deadly and unnecessary ventilators, and then falsely listed when they die as Covid and the aged care home or hospital collects the big bucks – $39,000 USD in the US or you to $54,000 grants in Australia (can’t pull off a global scam without dead people – and aged care homes make it so easy).

The police are even pulling people over in Sydney, and taking them to the hospital against their will.
We are in a medical tyranny already.
Families are already being separated in Australia and quarantined over false Covid tests.

Soon anyone can be issued with a quarantine notice and sent to quarantine (that’s a prison and forcibly medicated – that’s forcibly jabbed).

They already have issued tens of thousand quarantine notices to stay at home.

Soon the unvaccinated will be issued to go to quarantine – prison camps and you’re not coming out to your jabbed).

Australia’s population will decline to below 15 million by 2025. This has been predicted from credible sites, taking government data for years – 100 million in the US.
In just over 3 years.
That matches many scientists who have stated those getting jabbed, have a 3-year life expectancy. No one can prove that this global medical experiment won’t kill that many – and the immediate effects suggest strongly it will.

But if you watch the id**t box and go back to the Olympics, then the only tallies you’ll hear is the medal tally or case tallies of bs 19 (cases of healthy people that aren’t sick ie nothing cases – but a false pandemic there aren’t enough sick people around, so you have to count healthy people – and id**t box watches won’t even question as they still think 4.2 million died of Covid because why – the id**t box told them – did they ask for evidence or just assume?)

Why don’t they tell you how many thousands every day dropping dead like flies from the deadly jab, or tens of thousands seriously injured for life?
I know why
As it might affect sales of their largest sponsors and advertisers.

For those programmed by the id**t box from
Watching it too much and expecting not to be an id**t will go – this isn’t true – show me the evidence.

My response is
You don’t qualify to ask questions or demand the evidence until you ask questions and demand evidence of your favorite id**t box tv and id**t box presenter or id**t health minister –

Such as is Covid a real pandemic and if so can we have evidence that the claimed deaths were in fact from Covid.

The PCR test kit is accurate.

Covid Sars2 virus has been isolated and would stand up in a court of law as a pandemic.

Once you then figure out the Covid Pandemic is a conspiracy theory, then you can do more research into what I’ve listed above and satisfy yourself with the facts.

Then you won’t need to ask me for evidence as you’ll have it yourself send lose your social status as an id**t.

Here’s what others had to say:

Kym Bullen
I’d love to share, but I get bans each time I share your posts. Totally agree though.
Another thing… just keep yourself healthy. Because in the future there will be no hospital treatment for any medical condition if you are not up to date with the tyrannical jabs. That’s my opinion anyway.

Auke Schade
There are no long-term data. Hence, no one can make long-term predictions about the side effects of either the virus or the vaccine. It is just a Devil’s dilemma. It is the choice between a dangerous virus and an insufficiently tested vaccine. That is why real scientists gave the vaccine “Emergancy Approval”. The rest of the forever FB arguments between vaxxers and antivaxxers is the result of an understandable, but counterproductive panic.

Toni Fonoti
Great work brother.

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