How Desperate Are the Dodgy Cov Fraudsters, Now Proposing a Vax Tax

How Desperate Are the Dodgy Cov Fraudsters, Now Proposing a Vax Tax

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

How desperate are the dodgy Covid fraudsters, now proposing a vax tax, if you are smart enough to refuse to take an experimental drug, you don’t need, that has the side effect of death, and is pushed to boost the profits of stakeholders.

We are creating a parallel society, so we won’t be paying any tax to the dying Globalists system, nor using the schools ( a useless indoctrination system nor hospitals (where you are so much more likely to die with a corrupted medical tyranny in charge) as we can build our own actual education and health systems (underway)

We are creating better systems, and people can then choose which society they’d like to live in.
Communism or freedom.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Jayson McCarthy
I think it’s time we all stopped paying all taxes.

Gordon Craig
There will be no tax from me.

John Harris
I saw on Outsiders that in New York city where they have banned unvaxxed from entering shops they are going broke, unvaxed are taking their business elsewhere and those who support everyone are making a profit, lets hope we can punish shops here who pl… See more

Naomi Isabel
Jamie McIntyre very desperate ??

Caroline Cavanagh
Not making enough money off the healthy folk

John Harris
They keep saying it is not mandatory yet if you refuse you are punished with a tax, sacked, locked out of shops, planes etc, etc, etc, etc, I want a list of all the politicians who want this tax bought in, you can bet your life most will be Greens and Labor. If they put a tax on Medicare then I just won’t go to my Doctor, I am on high blood pressure pills and I’m willing to stop going and trust Neil Mitchell to support it, he has gone Woke since chan-9 newspapers bought 3AW

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