How does mature minor consent relate to immunization?

How does mature minor consent relate to immunization?

By Jamie McIntyre

The pedophiles are clearly in charge – they now are making it legal to penetrate your children with deadly Bs 19 vaxx’s and they can keep it their little secret from their parents. Murdering our Grannies is bad enough but abusing our children is a whole new level. This isn’t going to end well.


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kobyabberton (koby abberton)
God I like u jamie.

oceandaisey (Rachel Caroline Plaza ‍♀️ )
I’m disgusted by my province of BC and my country of Canada ! I’m utterly sick and ashamed!

This is getting scarier by the day

Please parents , wake up and fight this nonsense for the sake of our children


I work in a high school (UK) and my 2 eldest are in high school, and you do have to sign consent forms. If the school doesn’t have the signed consent form on injection day, they can’t have it.

How the f**k do these people look at themselves in the mirror? Disgusting abuse.

I’m 65 and have a mother who grew up in Germany and if anyone tried this crap on her kids she would March into my school and her voice would be loud and clear,”I did not leave Nazi Germany to have anyone decide what’s good for my children” She didn’t need to have a discussion or voice a “how dare they” or “what is happening out there” so all you parents grow some backbone and get out there and protect your children, March into those god damn schools ! By the way my mother had a few rules changed and she was only one !

If they touch my kids with anything without my consent it’s an act of war

Wow I’ve already educated my daughter who is 12 in aug. She is to tell me everything. I live in the uk. I’ve asked my daughter to be open and honest with me, she will I know. But this is scary. It really does worry the life out of me.

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