How Many Do the BS 19 Jabs Have To Kill Before It’s Stopped?

How Many Do the BS 19 Jabs Have To Kill Before It’s Stopped?

By Australian National Review

How many do the bs 19 jabs have to kill before its stopped ?

The Swine flu falsified pandemic, in 1976 stopped after just 25 deaths from a forced jab.

We are over 500,000 deaths and over 50 million estimated injuries ( 50% serious ) and the Global Health Organisation has stated deaths could reach 10-100 million within 36 months ,and 250- 1 billion injuries from the jab.
Whether people believe the proven agenda to reduce the planets population or not .

It will de populate the planet with 4 billion poisoned with a jab that scientists say has a 3 year life expectancy.
For some reason the idiot box and the idiot box presenters funded by vaccine makers and Governments to spruik their deadly jab inflate Covid deaths and hide bs 19 vaxx deaths

Just can’t imagine why.

Here’s what others had to say:

Arna Williamson
Definitely worth a read! I wanted to wait and make sure it was safe first, but sure enough I’ve just been paid out $1,380 for the last 3 days straight into my bank.

JJ Sparrow
It seems that those delivering suffer from the Milgram Experiment, in that they presume they are protected by their superiors and the pedo pervert pollies.
However that Fluoride does its work on the neuron, as they seem not to see that SASR Ben Roberts being thrown under the bus, is evidence that they are not protected.
Then Gen Pop, suffering from Stockholme sydnrome, regardless of all the crimes committed by government and its agents/institutions like stealing kids, fiddling with kids, deaths in custody, theft of land and property, etc, etc, etc.
Whatever the last 70 years of civilization were, that is over.
What happens next? well some Christians believe Jesus got this one.
If only people were willing to stop what they are doing and occupy government buildings which includes parliament, courts and that damned RBA!

Houda Ghabach
During a press conference with Scott Morrison this morning, some people are clueless about the deaths from the vaccine. One person wrote that there were only 5 deaths from the from the jab in Australia. Doesn’t anyone research anything anymore. Unfortunately they are believing solely what is said in the media and baseing there decisions on that. The media is blaming the spread of the virus on the unvaccinated. I remember there was a time when China was to blame and never got prosecuted. Then it was the unmasked. How is it that vaccinated are still wearing masks and are still spreading the virus. They may think they are free for now, but I have read somewhere that they are going to be the new age leprosy of society. They will be known as super spreaders. It’s a lose lose situation because everyone knows someone that has taken the jab.

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