I Encourage More People To Attend Mainstream Media Press Conferences, and Demand Government Officials Stop Reading Pfizer Marketing and Sales Department Sales Scripts, and Acknowledge the Murder and Injuries

I Encourage More People To Attend Mainstream Media Press Conferences, and Demand Government Officials Stop Reading Pfizer Marketing and Sales Department Sales Scripts, and Acknowledge the Murder and Injuries

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

I encourage more people to attend mainstream media press conferences, and demand Government Officials stop reading Pfizer marketing and sales department sales scripts, and acknowledge the murder and injuries of everyday Australians who have been forced to be jabbed or lose their livelihood. Many are now dead and or injured for life, and this is just short-term results. 700 approx recorded deaths and 74,000 recorded adverse reactions in Australia alone. At least 7000 dead knowing less to 10% ever get recorded, Australians from the jab yet there is still zero evidence of a single person dying of Covid – no autopsy’s but evidence they were murdered by deliberate medical malpractice pushed by Gates and Fauci via the WHO. Think Remedesvir, ventilators and so on. Designed to kill patients to list as Covid deaths. Patients who never ever had Covid.

This is only 1-10% of the actual number, according to Government Officials and Harvard University studies.

That means over 740,000 to 7.4 million adverse reactions already and half serious in Australia alone.

Over 1 million dead already Globally and close to 100 million injured at just 10 times recorded deaths, according the the GHO and others www.ghoreport.com

But let’s not stop it.

Let’s push it even harder, despite it knowlingly killing and injuring so many, and for a flu strain yet to be even proven it exists (we actually have the evidence it doesn’t and have $1 million challenge up for anyone that begs to differ and can show it does).

Don’t be a Covid fraud denier
It’s embarrassing.

Don’t be an idiot either by watching the idiot box and the idiot box presenters paid to lie.

A warning to all Politicians, Government workers, news media and business owners, who are pushing the Covid fraud and the experimental drugs disguised as a quackzinne with the side effect of death.

We have you recorded, and we will be using the evidence against you to have you jailed and I dare say the majority will support the introduction of the death penalty.

So please continue murdering. Australians. Retribution is coming.

The Globalists are already falling and being taken down.

And you low level minnions will beg to not get the death sentence, meaning you’ll be begging for prison for life.

And I think it will be a prison where the public can throw rotten tomatoes at you for the rest of your life.

Kill people deliberately to help Pfizer meet their sales targets is a crime.

God have mercy on your soul, as no one can protect you to the rage that’s going to come for you.

Family members who have and will lose their loved ones and their children because of your actions.

What do you think they are going to do to you?

And some of us might just turn a blind eye.

Australian National Review
News that will ensure all the Covid criminals and anyone that did not speak out against will be held to account.

The clock is ticking

If you don’t state publicly against the Covid vaccines, then you will be found guilty.

You can visit the home page www.anrnews.com and report business’s and individuals to be placed under investigation.

Or go to the Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigation www.cfbi.live and report them directly.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Megan Moss

It would be interesting to see Australia do this.

May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'Toby Young @toadmeister The National Health Institute in Italy has recalculated the Covid death toll since February 2020. It was 130,468. Now it thinks 3,783 were directly due to COVID-19 ~3% of the total. A Pandemic of LIES'

Victoria Linkin
Bravo to this lady

Batia Prosecco
Been blocked from posting on qld health, pàla’s and her pages….kept on asking questions but never got answers

Nicole Swan
Can we start a let’s go Brandon movement for our pollies

Rhiannon Seach
Well done to this lady for speaking out..
shame on msm who like our politicians and TGA who have covered up the deaths and adverse reactions

Rebyl McGregor-Reid
Amazing how quickly they tried to delete this from the internet . I am surprised your post is still up.

Lorraine Chalfont
Jamie you are a true warrior and I’m so happy to have come across you at the start of all this

Valerie Hijniakova
Ya….bonza to this courageous woman who used her voice to tell the truth….I adore you!!!

Pamela Little
Love that they didn’t cut the “live news”

Renee Kristen
Pfizer expect to have made $36billion for the Covid jabs by end of this year

Crystal Quinn
More people need to do this with facts n names direct n well spoken this is awesome!

Nicole Li Rosi
Its so embarrassing my family won’t hear a word of it. I’m ashamed to share blood with them

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