Krispy Kreme Is Doubling Its Vax Incentive!!

Krispy Kreme Is Doubling Its Vax Incentive!!

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Can’t wait.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jessica Parrish
So they can die of heart disease instead.

Maria Pasika
In case, If you are lucky to survive the vaccine, those ones will finish you soon enough.

Fiona Francesca Strain
It’s disgusting, the sheeple love a free deal.
Sad to think they will be going down the road of pain and torturous death.

Jill Grice
Boycott Krispy Kreme! What a disgrace!

Stacy Naumann
More unhealthy crap in their bodies!

Morgan Smith
Get the vaccine for health, have 2 doughnuts a day for a year for health.

Georgette Comber
These 2 donuts a day will be sure to kill them with the other poison.

Desislava Nikolova
Donuts for self-inflicted death sentence… Wtf!

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