Lawsuit Filed Against Facebook!


Lawsuit Filed Against Facebook!

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Facebook finally admits that their so-called “fact-checkers” are just opinion checkers. The truth came out in a court of law from a lawsuit filed against Facebook by journalist John Stossel. Facebook finally admitted in court that their fact-checkers “are mere statements of opinion rather than factual assertions.”

Interestingly, Facebook calls them fact-checkers until it comes time to appear in court when they finally admit that they are not fact-checkers but simply people’s opinions. It would appear that this has the potential to open up a massive lawsuit against Facebook for all the people who had had their content taken down due to it being labeled as false by Facebook when in reality, it was just someone who disagreed with the information.

We launch very soon. Better than fakebook or Instasham or screwtube, and censor free. And no fake checkers either pushing their extreme opinions like fake book. Powered by the Australian National Review and Global Independent Media Partners such as the London’ Times and CNBS News

Here’s what others had to say:

Bernadette Verona
If you actually read the fact check articles it usually includes a brief bio of the author. Most are young University graduates with communication degrees. They are not medical, political, or health experts. It’s rather quite sad.

Troy Kubecek
Is that why this hasn’t been fact checked

James Chandler
Russel brand had a video where he went over who was funding the face checkers.

Jay Steinhardt
Fact checkers in fakebook world means truth hiders

Tessa Cottrell
Now mainstream media’s turn

Hugh Gardner
More on the maxwell trial please

Coral Lee
Immediately thought of Caligula (Emperor of Rome and the maddest and baddest).

Luchka Rose
Great but we need to see some evidence ie that they stop with the fact checking. If they do not then what’s the point

David Duddy
Which means nothing and nothing will come of it

Peter Elliott
He is a Rockerfella changed his name

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