Many Will Be Charged in the Future for Crimes Against Humanity and Treason

Many Will Be Charged in the Future for Crimes Against Humanity and Treason

By Australian National Review

To support the Covid fraud is committing fraud, you do realise.
And many will be charged in the future for crimes against humanity and treason.
Locked away forever.
All politicians and Tv Presenters that are on record co ercing, peer pressuring, selling, bullying, and intimidating innocent vulnerable people to partake in a rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, untested, unproven Global Medical Experiment.

You are being added to lists of enemies of the people to be submitted for fraud charges and more.

A Covid Fraud Investigation Unit has been set up by ex FBI and ex-police agents etc to be launched soon.

Don’t be a fraudster.
It won’t look good on your resume, that you were a sell-out to the criminal Globalists.
And you certainly won’t have a seat at the table at the new world order initiatives being built to defeat the “Great Reset Totalarian communist Agenda”.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Dan Ryan
Wow check out the Philippines presidents speach! You think we have it bad here? “If you leave your house and you’re not vaccinated, police will take you home, you are a super spreader and I dont care if you die anytime ” fyi, for over a year now they have been forced to wear a face shield over the top of a face mask too!

Brian Eggins
Jamie McIntyre
Wonder why the a.c.t have never been in lockdown and had no restrictions
I’ll put money on it that there’s no testing centres there either
Fxxxing politicians

Viv Bass
Or hopefully they’ll take the jab and be dead soon even better

Monday Yohana
First ‘vaccine’ in history that needs so much leeway, excuses, political maneuvers, coercion, peer pressure, and shaming to be pushed upon the masses.

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