Millions March against mandatory Bs 19 vaxxes (Gold Coast Event)

Millions March against mandatory Bs 19 vaxxes (Gold Coast Event)

By Jamie McIntyre

I’ll be speaking this weekend at the Millions March against mandatory Bs 19 vaxxes (Gold Coast Event) and I dare challenge any Covid fraudster,Journo or politician co -ercing,influencing, bullying and intimidating innocent people into participating in a dangerous and deadly Global Medical Experiment to a public debate on your argument.
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saltheart_desi (Desi)

Can you invite Koschie? He’s a great mouthpiece for the truth, science and personal liberties

teenheardirl (Teen Heard Ireland)

Wondering why Ireland is not mentioned here? It looks like we have the most asleep English speaking country in the world

averiljade (Averil Jade Beyer)

Is there anything like this in the US?

sassyped (Sassy Pedro)

Oh i would have loved to be there for this one. You go Jamie!

marisamilounovel (Marisa)

thank you for your excellent work.

alicjarakiel (Alicja Rakiel)
You are the best


LOL some of the mug shots thought it was a freedom rally not a modelling shoot

darylsturges (Daryl Sturges)

Imo another scientific argument on top of the many already is.. The Pfizer document shows that those vaccinated are shedding . Spending 15mins chatting to a vaccinated person (which I did at church) creates probable exposure in the unvaccinated (in a minute tiny amount, which is all that’s needed for immune recognition) . The immune system of the non injected now has had exposure , which the rational for injecting is gaining exposure. Therefore QED (quadrum demonstratum) the pharma/scomo can now fuck off it’s injections since natural immunity has formed . Also pharma/scomo can fuck off since natural immunity is far superior than any other form of immunity.


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