Millions March event against mandatory Bs19 vaxx

Millions March event against mandatory Bs19 vaxx

By Jamie McIntyre

Getting ready to speak at the Millions March against mandatory Bs19 vaxx

Here’s what others had to say: 


Great speech today mate! Thank you for all your tireless work in spreading the truth and continuing the fight to wake up the masses to this evil globalist agenda!


Good on ya mate!


MP David Limbrick in Victoria is at every protest


We need to stop calling it a vaccine, this is why people are flocking to get it,they think that it’s been approved and is therefore safe,we know this is wrong, they don’t.


Wish I could’ve been there but unfortunately working. Next one, definitely! no matter what!

Go Jamie, we are 100% with you and by your side!

Thank you for being our frontline voice!


It’s not a vaxcine as per Dr Pavlesky, Dr Sherry Tenpenny sue the CD.C ,FD@, W.H0 for crimes against humanity


it’s hoax people are starting to wake up to your crimes good work Jamie


Always well said Jamie


Thank you from Far Northern California . ❤️


Keep speaking the truth Jamie ✌our politicians and everyone involved in this sinister genocidal totalitarian plandemic must be held accountable for their crimes!

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