News That Won’t Hide the Bs19 Jab Death and Injuries

News That Won’t Hide the Bs19 Jab Death and Injuries

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

If you take the jab,

You’ll regret it as you are left to die in agony alone

Alone because for your own families safety, they can’t be around those who took a deadly experimental drug as the spike proteins can infect those around them ( no proven )

News that won’t hide the Bs19 jab death and injuries ( over 60 million globally injured now , half seriously injured- over 650,000 dead and bodies piling up by the hour – all hidden from the unsuspecting to niave , gullible trusting public )

Here’s what others had to say:

Neil Williams
Jamie, I have loved ones in Europe who have fallen to it.
Is there any measures out there to help purge this shit out of your system.
Any holistical advisors on here.
Juicing? Detoxing?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

Afira Memon
Not proven or now proven..? typo

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