No More Tolerating the Dodgy Globalists and Dodgy BS 19 Fraud

No More Tolerating the Dodgy Globalists and Dodgy BS 19 Fraud

By Jamie McIntyre

Want your world back. Develop some courage and take a stand with your life. No taking the Bs 19 jab designed for losers with low IQ, no wearing masks designed for human slaves and no more letting the criminal elites and cringing cartels like the Rothschilds and Rockefeller’s corrupt our world. They want war – let’s give them a war – delete the elite – their billons more of us so don’t be scared of these demasculated cowards of men.

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This is my daily motivation video.
My family in india is petrified of convid.
There was some kind of attack in india in the month of May or maybe it was the vaxc side effects.

Why don’t we (as we can) all come together, as there’s millions of us and take a class action lawsuit against it all, straight to the federal court. There’s no reason why we cannot… I and others are surely and would love to do this!! COME TOGETHER!!!

I want to be able to share information about the lowered life expectancy with my family. Can you please link the research!

It explains why there’s been an attack on masculinity in recent years.. real men don’t stand by and watch this happen. It’s embarrassing to see Aussie men parading around in masks…. to protect them from a cold cos Daddy Government said so. Cringe.

we need to charge our so called government with treason !!

Banks are down again.

Great work as always

Oh and 33 is some kind of code used by globalists if you google 33 cases lots of articles come up.

God bless this man!! This gives me inspiration! I wish I could save this to my phone some how.

You rock, too bad many more can’t see you.

Seriously 2 of my fav ppl who have the balls to say it like it is !! U go Jamie swear all u want!! It needs to be slammed in their faces ..!!!

Great to witness free speech delivered with passion & without FEAR.

right on! common men grow some balls the woke women out number you but we need you.

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