One of the Former Miss Universe Australia, Has Pulled Down Her Post Yesterday After Being Called Out by Us for Spruiking Deadly Experimental Drugs Upon Young Innocent Teenage Girls As Young as 12

One of the Former Miss Universe Australia, Has Pulled Down Her Post Yesterday After Being Called Out by Us for Spruiking Deadly Experimental Drugs Upon Young Innocent Teenage Girls As Young as 12

Instagram Post By Jamie McIntyre

One of the Former Miss Universe Australia, has pulled down her post yesterday after being called out by us for spruiking deadly experimental drugs upon young innocent teenage girls as young as 12. (who can now, behind their parent’s back, sneak off and get injected with the lethal injection.) However, this Olivia Rogers former Miss Universe Australia hasn’t and is deleting the backlash she is receiving for pushing such blatant conspiracy theories of the Bs19 fraud and people should take the death shot. If anyone knows her, let her know she has less than 7 days to reverse her decision and apologise publicly, for pushing such deadly experimental drugs on teenagers and kids, that sadly many of her followers will and die and be injured as a result.

We have a legal slush fund set up to sue Influencers in Australia, and their management companies, and if she likes being a public figure so much and paid to spruik dodgy products, we just may make her the face of the legal campaign against sell out dodgy influencers. I can’t see how that’s going to be a good career move financially, for her, as civil claims, if just one parent joins (if their daughter said she was influenced by her post, let alone dozens or hundreds. She will be financially destroyed just by the legal fees to defend these cases, almost as quick as her health is being destroyed by taking the death shots.

In this country we no longer tolerate quackzinne extremism or quackzine extremists, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an elected Politician, or an Instasham influencer, we are going to hold them fully accountable. Feel free to start giving instasham influencers 7 days notice to apologise and feel free to send their details to us here at the Australian National Review as we are setting up a dedicated team of additional reporters to expose these foolish individuals. Nothing personally against them as I’m sure she’s a decent person, but sadly grossly misled, and they must stop spruiking deadly drugs. We’ll be exposing also just how much they got paid by their agency, to be dodgy sell outs, and just how little they value a life of their young teenage girl followers.

Here’s what others had to say:

What want to know is does all these influencers have to give back the money thry get paid to promote the poison after they back flip on it.

They are essentially promoting criminals – FACT that is what you call someone with a criminal record. Search engine and Check out Pfizer’s. it’s all in black and white. Fact not misinformation.

FYI, my post was not removed – I am proud to be vaccinated and my post will remain on my page. I’ve just limited comments to prevent your awful followers from trolling me. We can have differing opinions, but sending hate & death threats it’s never okay.

One thing that really bothers me is how does a parent who loses their child to the jab, and knows that was the cause, not shout it from the roof tops. The threat of hail or a gag order or anything would stop me from speaking after having my child murdered by these psychos. What weak feeble minded parent is that who remAins quiet knowing that their silence will cause other children to die???

They’ve done it again today here in Australia….dumped Nano particle heavy metals all night up and down the coast, promoting the beach and outdoors on Sunrise and Today show to desperately locked down (with restrictions reduced last night) population so everyone now takes the kids outside to ingest their heavy metal cocktail. At the same time they “disclose” and report in the next segment seconds later that there is heavy smoke this morning from “burn offs” overnight and that could cause “respiratory” issues for people. The evil is rife here. So as much as i loathe to say it, stay home and close the windows today. You cant make this shit up. These satanic evil fucks cant seem to miss an opportunity to gaslight and harm people. How else are they going to get their poisons into the unjabbed? Think about it.

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