Police Issuing $1000 COVID Fines on the Gold Coast for Being Too Far From Your House

Police Issuing $1000 COVID Fines on the Gold Coast for Being Too Far From Your House

By Staff Reporter

Police issuing $1000 Covid fines on the Gold Coast for being to far from your house.
But don’t worry.
The fines will hold up in court, about as well as Covid fraud will.

They aren’t worth the paper they are written on.
Fake fines for a fake pandemic – Does that mean everything is fake on the Gold Coast or has fakeness been spread globally by vaccine extremists and vaccine terrorists?
Just asking for a fake friend.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Brendan Roach
Everyone’s a crim
These days

Jon Geoghegan
What a great time to be a criminal. All the cops are busy enforcing the plandemic.

Keith Collings
They have to make their quoter some how!! Christmas party time soon! there’s no one getting done by speed camaras so they have to make shit up!

Chris Maric
Not a single case in the mountains at all, cept one that was later found to be negative – The local FB groups are full of Mrs Mangles dobbers too!
Katoomba is already mostly empty shops. I think they want them ALL empty!

Karen Molnar
Jamie McIntyre check this out. We need a class action here like this guy has
This happened in Canada, an average every day Dad exposed truth in court. So important for everyone, everywhere to watch

Trudell Clark
Love your posts Jamie.

Original Source: https://goldcoastreview.com/global-issues/police-issuing-1000-covid-fines-on-the-gold-coast-for-being-too-far-from-your-house/

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