Prepare for Rampant Inflation and Hiking Interest Rates in 2022


Prepare for Rampant Inflation and Hiking Interest Rates in 2022

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

By the way prepare for rampant inflation and hiking interest rates in 2022, if the Globalists planned crashing of the economy, isn’t stopped, to usher in the Great Reset Agenda (think Global communism – “you’ll own nothing, but be completely happy “says billionaires who want all the worlds’ wealth.

Some spare cash aside, real estate ideally with no mortgage, and land that has freshwater and can grow food, crypto, gold, and silver won’t hurt to have.

Australian National Review

New global currencies:

New Resistance Global Currencies that support Independent Media and are against the “ Great Reset” –

Our World Coin, a force for good and a peaceful revolution, is built to save humanity from the Globalists deadly Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda

Bitcoin 2.0 is a new cryptocurrency that is looking to innovate the Global Payment System. It is backed by real value in independent media news sites & networks.

Truth Coin, A platform that’s free from Globalists control, and will not support the Great Reset Agenda or the vaccine digital passport. This enables everyone to support and benefit from building a better world, by the people for the people, a force for good.

Here’s what others had to say:

Vashti Van Putten
So.. Jamie McIntyre
Am I better off to sell up now?esp with the market up so high..
Seeing we won’t own anything anyways?

Alison Short
My rate is fixed for 4 years. I like where I live, my job is essential and short of skilled workers and I have a creek so I’ll wait it out.
I’ve also invested in Gold and silver. I’m not Completely bombproofed but I’ll give it a fair crack.

Bonzenka Steff
Too many people enjoying their lives, to even think they are in for bad times.

Lynn Scott
when do these satanists get arrested, we all know who they are and their agenda.

Mark Paris
Cryptocurrency is struggling and looks bearish. Maybe wait for a further drop.

Tom Smausey
Jamie McIntyre between March to September is there time line for this crash as well how do they take property off people if they own it?

Libby Lazzo
Crypto ?? If you can’t touch you don’t own it . Soros behind Bitcoin isn’t he ?

George Exton
There are people out there who still don’t believe this is happening sad it’ll be too late.

Terrence Cuthbert
Just another 7 year property cycle which is duplicated last 80 years

Mcat Camden
Jamie McIntyre live in outer Sydney Camden .
Where would be best to buy and move to next year ?

Richard M Harris
They also want about 500 000 million people only to stop the global warming ! No meat too ! And those e were go survive the jab will be AI hive mind ! Tracked like in china !

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