Private sector will be brought in to speed up vaccination rollout

Private sector will be brought in to speed up vaccination rollout

By Jamie McIntyre

Any business co ercing staff to partake in a deadly and dangerous global medical experiment should consider the legal consequences.
Australians we are under attack – the BS19 jab will kill and injure – it already is and the adverse reactions for most haven’t even hit yet.

Here’s what others had to say:

Not ok at all!!! They can jam it

I’m feeling August is gonna get wild stay strong people.

Don’t let the commie bastards scare you! Denounce communism send the sympathisers back to China! Stand up guys take our country back!

My Parents and sister are between 3 weeks and 2 months of receiving their jabs. They had the ones starting A, P and M. All were ok straight after except for sore arm after A that then progressed to joint pains, all over the body, muscle cramps all over, sweats, can’t sleep this is 6 weeks after. Is now having to take sick leave. After P all was good but two months later has migraines and heart palpitations never had this before. After just 1 shot of M has diarrhea for the last three weeks, pain in knee joints, constant fatigue. They live in Ireland.

Imagine being this guy and thinking you won’t get tried for war crimes LMAO

Frewen the Nuremberg

they can shove it.

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