Queensland Restrictions

Queensland Restrictions

By Jamie McIntyre

Can’t imagine how we knew lockdowns would come in Qld at the end of June, and told our readers a month ago, pretty much the exact date. If it wasn’t a plandemic how would we continually know these things ? Mmm something to think about.

Here’s what others had to say:

Lol smart virus. Can tell when I’m sitting or standing

Yep no dancing!! I heard the virus can only be transmitted when people dance, scary stuff…

You know why we have to stay 6ft away.from other persons, our Heart sends out positive vibrations up to 6 ft away it us very powerful, no bullshit…distancing from these vibrations lowers our vibrations and connections to each other ,destroying this lowers our vibration and mental strength

I am coming up on friday from Melbourne & they can stick their masks.. I DO NOT WEAR MASKS. Fuck this bullshit.

So funny how strange humans can be , so relieved it is a minority and politics attracts so many with this character. So universally much to be done with the true intelligence we have been blessed with optimistically and compassionately we can help each other awaken consciously politicians included.

No dancing !? What?? Not even to the wiggles? Come on mann

It’s so easy yet seems so hard for the masses to understand that this is not normal what they are doing to us.

Getting more hilarious as it goes on

God didn’t make us to be so bloody dumb ….I can’t deal with this it’s so insane

None of this makes sense lol… no dancing…30 people in your home… 20 for a wedding?

Could somebody please share the mask exemption paper?

What if you’re a really good dancer, will covid still get you?

This is stupid don’t even start me when a mum and dad aren’t aloud to see there daughter who’s in an induced coma

Are we going to battle now or sit around stating the obvious online? Who’s with me? Somethings gotta give!

Clever Covy. Knows distance in some countries 1.5 metres, in other countries 6 foot. Knows heights as well as number of people in a room

Original source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQqXkWOjhyv/?utm_medium=copy_link

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