Record Cases Claimed in Victoria Overnight

Record Cases Claimed in Victoria Overnight

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Let me guess, they tested record numbers with the falsified Covid PCR test kit, to lie to you about healthy people are somehow actual cases of the worlds most deadliest pandemic yet 90% show no symptoms ,because they have nothing, and 10% that show symptoms,only have flu like symptoms ( can’t imagine why).

Mmm a real pandemic wouldn’t need a test kit as people would be sick and dying in the streets, but no one has ever personally seen that occur, other then fake tv footage.

And the only people that die of Covid are the ones, either vaccinated, ( ie 7 overnight died last week, yet 6 were vaccinated ( 3 twice ) even according to mainstream media yet listed as Covid deaths )

Or elderly already dying, and falsely listed as having Covid, or deliberate medical malpractice ,of putting them on deadly drugs like Remedesvir, also known as the end of your life is near,plus ventilators and pesky relatives being banned, so they don’t see the state sanctioned murder of our elderly.

All things are pushed by Fauci and WHO,knowing full well, that it kills patients, to inflate Covid deaths .

Another word for that is murder.

Here’s what others had to say:

Kirstie Brenton Tumicz
Jamie do you know of any reason for the direction in WA on 22/9/21 to prohibit the use of rapid antigen tests? I feel it may somehow have to do with FIFO about to be mandated.

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