Say “No” to Illegal Medical Apartheid and Discrimination, and Open Your Doors to Everyone, and You’ll Be Full


Say “No” to Illegal Medical Apartheid and Discrimination, and Open Your Doors to Everyone, and You’ll Be Full

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

The solution is simple business owners

Say “no” to illegal medical apartheid and discrimination, and open your doors to everyone, and you’ll be full.

Public Servants are just that. Servants

To serve us.

When they aren’t, you ignore their illegal mandates, and we fire them.

Simply learn to say no, and these illegal mandates end.

Or be more like me,

Dear Premier / State Sales Manager for Pfizer

“ Go f .. Yourself”

You are going to jail for the murder of hundreds of innocent Queenslanders, dead already from the deadly experimental drugs, and tens of thousands injured, and god knows how many more to come over the next year, including our grandparents, pregnant mums, and now 5-year-old kids.

We are going to campaign for the reintroduction of the death penalty for Bs19 fraudsters.

When we, the people, take back our country at the next Federal Election.

Australian National Review

Media that stands by the people, and will ensure every single Premier is jailed.

Here’s what others had to say:

Christine Tuariki
I agree with you. I say the same thing to every businesses. They respond with. We been threaten with massive fines. It’s the government.

Claude Sandoval
Pure insanity for the gov to impose threat of fines. Who are they trying to protect. Vxd or unVxd you can still cop it. They like to fuel the engine of the “fear train” as long as possible, til ppl realise shit I now need to get a 4th poke to be deemed fully fuxinated.

Lyn Utting

Sharon Deviney Matthews
Qld – the night before both juiced and unjuiced were allowed to sit together.
Great to see that people didn’t just get it to partake in a social life……if people were getting it for health reasons, they would have got it at the start of the year. Anything after that is either work or you have fear of missing out
That’s your choice – if it’s the latter, I feel sorry that you feel the need to do that

Sharyn See
It’s such Bullshit. Thank you Jamie for fighting. I refused to wear a mask in the 3 stores I went to today. When asked I told them it was a violation of my human rights.
She and her counterparts have to go.

Roy Massee
Dear god- the men you sent to protect us are scared of the air, love from the women of the world

Batia Prosecco
Share that on the Qld health page and D’ths page…but you might get blocked. They don’t like honest conversations.

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