Says Dodgy Pfizer Sales People and Their Sponsored Premier’s. It’s a Pandemic of the Quackzinnated

Says Dodgy Pfizer Sales People and Their Sponsored Premier’s. It’s a Pandemic of the Quackzinnated

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Says Dodgy Pfizer sales people and their sponsored Premier’s.

It’s a pandemic of the quackzinnated.

Australian National Review will pay $1 million to anyone’s family, if you can die of Covid.

As I bet you can’t even if you tried as we have the evidence it’s a scientific fraud.

The Globalists are going down and with them all the dodgy sell out mainstream media and politicians.

It’s going to be fun to watch.

No vax pay no tax.

Here’s what others had to say:

Nat Ireland
Meanwhile the Coles and Kmart sites were in bloody Gundy!!

Sally Parslow
The Destroyer of Victoria talks about it as if it’s a person out stalking everyone. Fu##n crazy politicians!

Veronica Ferguson-Perez
“The virus will hunt you out”

Anika Stojkovski
What she really means is she will hunt you down.

Elle Massaro
These comments give me back some hope in humanity! Thank you beautiful people!

China Intoaah Hollaatchaboi
They always been this evil,the only difference is”we are finally waking up to it” but there alot of 🐑still out there need to be rescue.

Houda Ghabach
that is ironic she too is unvaxxed, so she too is being hunted out by this virus. Do they actually believe what they are saying. They are immune without having to take the jab and not to mention exempt.

Andrew Heinitz
But i thought the border was closed and unvaxxed cant get in.So who are they going to blame

Kim Olsen
Will they never stop pushing the lies honestly are people that stupid to beleive this rubbish

Alf Cat
Yesterday, we were walking past some food outlets and suddenly saw the virus hunting me down. Masks came off and sat down and pretended to eat.
Feeew, that super smart hunter virus flew straight past us.

Nicole Read
No the government will hunt us… not even afraid of the virus.

Anne Michelle Kathleen
This virus sucks at hide and seek. I’ve given up hiding, and it still can’t find me when I’m in plain sight!!!

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