Spike Proteins Spreading Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory – COVID Is a Deadly Pandemic Though Is the Biggest Conspiracy Theory of Our Time

Spike Proteins Spreading Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory – COVID Is a Deadly Pandemic Though Is the Biggest Conspiracy Theory of Our Time

By Australian National Review

Dear friends

If you’re weak-minded enough to take the Bs jab, then please don’t post it.

That way you don’t embarrass your friends, that don’t succumb so easily to blatant peer pressure, coercion, bribery, intimidation, and bullying.

But then again maybe, do post it, so those of us that will never take a Bs19 jab, know to keep a safe distance from you, considering you become a serious health risk, not only to yourself but to others. Spike proteins spreading isn’t a conspiracy theory – Covid is a deadly pandemic though is the biggest conspiracy theory of our time. One they can’t show proof of its existence, don’t have a test kit that can detect it accurately, don’t have autopsies to prove Covid deaths, invent cases of healthy people and claim it’s a pandemic as there isn’t any sick people, claim deaths of elderly people that were mostly already dying as Covid, that then somehow requires a rushed to market, unproven, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, untested, insane, idiotic Global Medical Experiment, to protect us from something that your less likely to die off then getting hit by lightening- yet you drive your car with 1 in 106 chance of dying but have no issues.

The idiot box and idiot box presenters and idiot Health Ministers should have given you some clues that only idiots would take a death shot.

It is an IQ test so I’m very surprised you failed it. Thought more of you.

Vaccine extremism is dangerous for society as are Covid fraudsters

Sadly you’ll live to regret your decision ( or sadly may not ) – being fertiliser for daffodils isn’t what I wanted for you.

Maybe read this report before you join bs 19 death cult


Here’s what others had to say:

Margaret Artis
They do not report deaths due to vaccines another death in Tasmania
No covid Just death by vaccines media keeps these quiet.

Mick Johannesson
Wish more people could be as outspoken and have this intellectual, huge fan of Jamie!

Jo Bright
Sadly people will not listen & mock you when you try to tell them.

Sean Grey Ablez
They went to Iraq to oust Saddam and find WMD, as they promised in Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Afghanistan and never, ever were WMD’s found. MSM did perfect the art of false flags, which when parasitically added with Google, in an evil symbiotic concoction caused the Arab springs, and a fake concocted story to invade Libya, to rob the Libyan Bank of Gold and Silver, so the Fed Reserve USA, could print more debt with the Rothschilds. Vanity Fair of all magazines released the facts, on gain of function research funded by black ops USA, with Fauuci, Gates through an intermediary off the books company Eco Health Alliance to unleash (out of a leaking ice block in the mtr Station, and from poor lab conditions) a bio weapon of a p5 status, with full gain of function viral research without the full knowledge of   researchers in a p2 lab. Faucci, Gates have patents on “the viral spike protein” with up to 55 more patents, on variants (in that lab) and they make money (a conflict of interest) leasing the genome sequence, so vaxes from Pharma can be pumped out. MSM never tells you this on  , but even their ridiculous vax story, has changed 8 plus times, to where boosters are the new norm.. Come on Man wake up   and the World, how much BS are you gonna swallow, until you realize “History Mostly Repeats”..? Except this time they didn’t even need the railways built to the chambers..those unfortunate souls were also told they were having grandiose holidays, instead of their 1 way ticket. This thing needs to be pushed back now, immediately. Hard core like, even Mr. T SAID, “I pity the Fool”, as they will only keep on taking.. How could any1 believe what they even say at all?

Mei Cen
Well said 

Original Source: https://australiannationalreview.com/global-issues/spike-proteins-spreading-isnt-a-conspiracy-theory-covid-is-a-deadly-pandemic-though-is-the-biggest-conspiracy-theory-of-our-time/

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