Sydney Just Entered a Very Dangerous Stage of the New Normal

Sydney Just Entered a Very Dangerous Stage of the New Normal

By Australian National Review

In the words of JFK, “if Governments don’t allow a peaceful revolution, they will force a violent uprising “
Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Would you agree ?
This is an utter disgrace.
The police better start deciding whose side are they on.
Coming to every street corner real soon.
  ‍♂️  ‍♂️ from Dave Oneggs
This video is going wild.
I predicted the globalists would attack Canterbury Bankstown because of the strong men in those communities.
Many of these men are hot headed and fierce.
I used to play footy against them and they were the strongest fellas around.
A lot of the Lebanese and middle eastern community are hardened concreters and labourers.
Tough as.
There would also be a lot of firearms in their communities.
They will not accept this behaviour.
Many of their fathers and grandparents escaped the wars of Lebanon,
So they are not afraid… they’ve seen this before.
Sydney just entered a very dangerous stage of the new normal.
Stay safe friends.
Everyone in the Middle Eastern community needs to play smart and learn to defuse these situations.
I don’t know what country this is…
But it’s not Australia

Here’s what others had to say:

Scarlett Isabella
We’re at the point where if you are supporting this blatant invasion of peoples privacy and rights then you are part of the problem this is fucking disgusting on so many levels these people should be ashamed of themselves

Aimee Rose
I shared this video and was told that apparently the initial arrest was due to them running from police , I’m not sure if true… I completely agree this is barbaric but you know how people are, share once slight wrong thing and they’ll discredit everything you say, despite the mainstream news flat out lying 24/7 and never been called out.

Jennifer Schultz
This is sickening. I have so many friends who are police, and my dad used to be in the police force. This poor family. People are turning against each other for nothing more than a pack of lies. Humans will look back on this time and wonder how any of this could have happened. Meanwhile the ones in control (for the moment) treat us like animals and we act that way too… how they must be laughing right now. We are nothing more than their entertainment.

Dasha Mckay
Basically invite immigrants to come to our country and contribute, then the police and government treat these Australian immigrants so poorly. Scomo you have lost respect in this country , all Australians deserve better behavior from the elected government.

Flavia Vizcaino-Barrett
This actually just made me cry. I feel so sad and embarrassed that this is happening in our country.

Dagmar van der Lem
That cop started pushing the people! He’s threw the first “punch”!

Sharon Michael
Police all over the world have forgotten that they swore an oath to protect and serve… not bully and harrass.

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