The Big Vaxxine Question

The Big Vaxxine Question

Instagram Post By Jamie McIntyre

What morons idiot box presenters are. I mean anyone still watching the idiot box must surely know it makes them an idiot.

It’s sadly the vaccinated that pose a health risk to themselves, and their loved ones.

Best to stay away from experimental drug junkie, pincushions, for your own safety.

The vaccinated, sadly when this is all over will have to be quarantined, to protect the survival of the human race. Another reason not to be a weak-minded sellout, and give into bullying, and take an experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne, with the side effect of death, because some Bs19 fraudster lies to you.

Taking such drugs is deadly, period.

What more do you need to know?
Australian National Review
Media not paid to push conspiracy that we have a Global Pandemic when we don’t and you should become a pin cushion to help Pfizer executives and their state sales managers (our Premiers) reach their sales targets and Xmas bonuses.
ANR is offering,
$1 million to anyone’s family, if you can try and die of Bs 19

$1 million for proof of a single autopsy showing independent prove just one person has died of Bs 19
$150,000 for info that leads to the arrest and jailing of any Australian State Premier


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