The CDC Has Withdrawn Emergency Approval for PCR Testing for SARS-Cov-2

The CDC Has Withdrawn Emergency Approval for PCR Testing for SARS-Cov-2

By Jamie McIntyre

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Agro Dimi
Question is are they going to introduce a new test which can be corrupted after PCR tests are dropped?

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Jamie McIntyre
Agro Dimi yep to cover up for fraud of PCR test

Paris Magdalinos
How many of us knew this from the START.. ffs the reason why it all goes away in summer LOL what a stitch up

Itay Rotem
Does anyone has a link to where it says that the PCR is useless for Covid testing?

Spring Tulip
This solves the mystery of where did the flu go?

Merry Capewell
gates and soros at the helm can’t be good

Laura Antonia
And yet Sydney is set to be in lockdown till September

Sharon Michael
That’s because Soros and Gates now have their own PCR testing company!

David Snyder

Total deaths: Africa 156k, Asia 304k. Europe 1.1 million, North America 922k, South America 1 million. Less than 25% of world’s population (the West) suffered over 75% of the deaths. Any reasonable explanation other than the West having been targete…

May be an image of text that says 'World population by continent, 2010 Asia (60%) Africa (17%) Europe (10%) North America (8%) South America (6%) Oceania (1%)'

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