The Quackzinnated Really Need To Be Put Into Quarantine, Once the COV Fraud Ends, To Save Humanity

The Quackzinnated Really Need To Be Put Into Quarantine, Once the COV Fraud Ends, To Save Humanity

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

I must admit I do take some delight in some arrogant schmucks, who think they are so above others who are boasting of taking the vaxx and posting about it. Such shallow individuals have a hard lesson coming.
Talk about Karma. I do feel sorry for the innocent misled ones who don’t deserve to die or be left dying in agony as the health systems start falling from so many deaths and injuries from the deadly jabs.
I would say spend time with them before they sadly die, or have failing health and can’t function in society anymore.
We must accept, being around the quackzinnated, can be a death sentence, with so much hard evidence now, of spike protein infection.
The quackzinnated really need to be put into quarantine, once the COVID-19 fraud ends, to save humanity.
They had ample warnings not to take the vaccine, but if they choose to be so foolish,they sadly will pay, for many, the ultimate price.
The Not for Profit, Independent Australian National Review Traffic Doubles Once Again, Across Its National and Local, and Global News Sites

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre.
The not for profit, independent media group, ‘The Australian National Review’, has seen hours traffic double, once again, up to 2.85 million readers, across its national, local and Global news sites.
Estimated total traffic, across all platforms, is well over 5 million per month, according to Kinsta.
This growth shows just how many readers and viewers are ditching mainstream media for independent, not for profit media.
If censoring were removed, independent media would
be actual mainstream media, and so called mainstream media would be seen as the unhinged, nut case fringe fake news media it is.
All their billions, still isn’t enough to fool all of the masses.
Mainstream media is in its death throes, propped up by a fraudulent dodgy quackzinne industry pushing paid for propaganda to ensure its orgy of sales continues, and with it the Globalists are going to go down with them.
Here is to the rise of independent media, and the rise to the resistance.

The world is changing rapidly and the COVID 19 fraud is being exposed, and debunked by independent media as citizen journalism takes over.
This explains the Globalists desperate attempts in Melbourne, Australia. Dressing up in their fake police outfits, to desperately try to intimidate Australians.
We aren’t intimidated, and now the average person is figuring out this was never about a “ bad flu “ but rather a Trojan horse, for a dodgy Globalists Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda.
Tik Tok the clock is ticking.

All those who have supported the COVID-19 fraud actively, or by default are going to pay.
Good luck in the new world that’s coming.
That’s the great awakening, the greater reset.

Australian National Review

News that will not take money to sell out our nation to the Globalists, but rather destroy them by exposing the truth.
You can run but you can’t hide anymore because we know who you are.

Here’s what others had to say:

Paula Leslie
This worries me, feel like we are all doomed ? give us strength to get through this evil nightmare. ?

John Harris
So the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting it then, so what’s the point? Are you awake yet people?

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