The Victorian Labor Party Is Too Scared To Speak Up About Dan Andrews, and His Dictator Ways, and the Ludicrous Pandemic Powers

The Victorian Labor Party Is Too Scared To Speak Up About Dan Andrews, and His Dictator Ways, and the Ludicrous Pandemic Powers

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

The Victorian Labor Party is even too scared to speak up about Dan Andrews,and his dictator ways, and the ludicrous pandemic powers he wants with the new Globalists laws given to him to push through.

Here is a clue for Victorians

Who is Dan Andrews answering to ?

Figure this out and you’ll start to unravel this fraud.

Of course we know ,but we need the people to figure this out themselves.

We can’t wait for most Australians to figure out what’s going on .

We will have fallen into communism by then and it will be to late.

Understand Dan Andrews is a low level minnion for the Globalists

Go upstream and expose and take out the puppet masters .

The criminal elite.

Shine the light on them.

This is a global thing not a national or state thing .

You must understand there is no pandemic and never was.

It was a lie from the beginning.

A Trojan horse
Investigate and awaken more fellow Aussies who are confused.

And watch independent media.

The news not paid to push the conspiracy theory we have a global pandemic despite no evidence shown.

No one has dropped dead in your street or ever will like a real pandemic
Tney all die in hospital in 95-99% of cases – from deliberate medical malpractice

Treatments banned and deadly drugs given

And now the so called deaths are all the quackzinnated as we knew would be ( or a few dying of deliberate medical malpractice or other unrelated causes)

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

Myke Hunt
Dan’s security detail won’t be around him forever.
Just sayin…

Kieren Close
Dead set tosser he is

Liz Hudgson
Well if YOU know release the facts NOW!
You are just proving that you are all in on it.
Total corruption throughout

Barbara Lynn Peters
His life will be on the line if he doesn’t perform!
How many other state premiers will follow in his steps!!!!!

Greg Hullin
Jenny Mikakos!Its time for your redemption .Tell all about the maniac who destroyed your career and name. Redemption,Revenge I don’t care but speak up become the people’s hero.

Nichole Marie Dann-Sankey
He a raving Physchopath !!!!

Jenna Swain
That is .6% of the Barristers in Victoria 🤷‍♀️

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