They Intend Locking Down Every Major City in Australia and the World to 2025

They Intend Locking Down Every Major City in Australia and the World to 2025

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

They intend locking down every major city in Australia and the world to 2025 – enough time for the bs 19 vaxx, to kill most.

Comply and you will die- conform and you’ll realise to late ,you were wrong – the nutcase Globalists ,have taken over the world.

And if you keep believing the conspiracy theories, pushed on the idiot box,by idiot box presenters, and idiot Health Ministers, then you will lose so many family,and friends,to vaxx deaths,and possibly your own life.

Every day thousands are dying from the bs 19 jab, tens of thousands injured (half seriously injured) yet only more false claims of a 90 year old dying person allegedly died of Covid (of course not from them being sick and dying already).

Your time to escape cities is almost up (smart money is selling city houses and buying acreage) Don’t be like Sydney, and now a prisoner in your own city, as the extermination program begins –
Don’t believe me – I have a $1 million challenge that Covid is a falsified pandemic and the real agenda of the bs 19 jabs is not to boost the worlds population. There is only one reason for a deliberate rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vaccine and it’s not to boost public health.

Share this video to try and awaken more of your friends and family –
Help the ones that want to know the truth.

The best way to end the Covid fraud is to expose the fraud – tipping point to wake a majority up – a race against time to save your family and friends from falling for the conspiracy theory that Covid is a Global Pandemic, that requires everyone to give up their human freedoms, becoming prisoners in their own homes, and partake in a deadly medical Experiment.

To download a free 75 page report from the Global Health Organisation to help save your family and friends or opt in at:

Here’s what others had to say:

Barbara Arnold Barton
THANK YOU so much for presenting the truth so passionately. Please please stay safe.
For further research and truth Watch YouTube Edward Snowden, Congress (where Fauci is getting Grilled by the minute by Dr and Senator Rand Paul) and Russel Brand. Turn off the idiot box that only brainwashes and keeps you in the dark.

Regina Knowles
Thank you Jamie. Can I say, I was off to the Drs the day they announced were have a covid-19 pandemic, I said to him what’s going on, he told me this, I replied, who the hell thought of this, the biggest money making scam ever to hit our globe, is what I said, immediately he got his prickles up, so no longer go to him, my new Dr I asked, Dr have you had the vaccine, he said unfortunately yes, and I said, what Medicare said if you don’t, you can’t practice, he replied yes basically.
I knew from the morning I woke up and the whole globe has this pandemic, b.s., b.s.,b.s. all day long. I’m in my 70’s and have chronic rheumatoid arthritis, and the thing I’m afraid of is I’ll be locked out from the general society.

Cathy Burnside
We wouldn’t be here in your page if we though this was normal. We are here wondering what we can do to stop them forcing us and our kids.

Garry Sant
James Green show me how clever you are bro. I know you can finally show me just how smart you are.

Jaiden Reynolds
You sure they’re recording vaccine deaths correctly? They’re probably fudging the number because Clive Palmer and Lebron James are profiting from vaccine deaths by simply jacking off all the rothschilds? It all makes sense now.

Sheyla Bonnick
Omg. I salute u Jamie. However I keep hearing lots of mixed anecdotes and theories including those who think it’s totally futile not to trust the prick….surprisingly many telling these stories are so credible. Whilst I still stand by my gut instincts and convictions, I find these ‘cxxxd convincers’ so ….em convincing for wee while anyhow. They offer such logical explanations at the time of them telling u question: where will all those bodies go, see few things I still don’t get and why would doctors and politicians etc take the damn thing. These are some of the points put across by the other side. Personally by definition I am a questioner and weigher- upper one thing I have noticed though is that all the sheeple have personal agenda why they lean on the side of the vxxx. People are truly a mystery.

Lana Cuk
It just occurred to me Jamie McIntyre that they really want the vac passports so they can keep track of who got what kind of vac (or placebo) and have stats for death correlations!

Christine Byrnes
If all the tv presenters and health ministers and even Scott Morrison promote vaccines and even go as far as say they’ve had it – why ain’t they adverse reactions from them?

Nab Laoulach
This was the most informative 45min I have watched
It’s like you know what u don’t want to do but at the same time u don’t know what to do
We are being suffocated into submission

Leith Collins Woodland
i’d love to tag my eastern states family in on this but sadly they wouldn’t watch it as they are first the oldies but now the younger ones are rolling their sleeves up & that concerns me.

Ben Mopar
Your video is incredible truth, thank you so much.

Paul N Vin Small
I can remember first reading about Bill Gates about 20 years ago in New Dawn Magazine and people thinking it was Bullshit but now it’s all coming to light.

Daniela Kolundzija
I can’t believe that people say to me “you can die crossing the road” in response to me saying “the V can cause death in some people”! Big difference, you can choose how you cross the road, you can use your eyes and body, you can also not cross the road, but once the jab is in you, you are at the mercy of it, no control for what it does to your body!

Shantelle Olivia Styles
I am so pissed off that “ the authorities “ haven’t come clean where corona came from.. if it was a bat from woohan China then why the f aren’t those markets shut down.. is it corona or is it germ warfare and “ the authorities “ won’t tell us and the vaccine is just made up crap.. there are deaths like car accidents being registered as corona deaths like how?? A person dies on the road because of a car accident wtf. Then the data is corrupt just like “the authorities “ is it any wonder why many of us don’t believe what’s happening in Australia and the rest of the world right now..

Jim Millar
I’m beginning to think that the whole purpose of John Howard’s gun buy back after the Port Arthur conspiracy was to disarm average Australians and prevent any kind of uprising/revolution against this tyranny that is coming.

Den Hugh
We hear so much about the scam so what of a solution for those who are aware? There is lip service to self sustainability but land is so ridiculously expensive and planning laws make multiple occupancy on farm land mostly illegal. What is the common man to do who has little capital to be able to grow enough food to survive the outcomes of this war?

Mary-Rose Wilson
You’re brilliant! If this doesn’t get through to people, then what will. You care enough about people to speak the truth.

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