TRUTHBOOK Launching Soon!

TRUTHBOOK Launching Soon!

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Launching soon

Here’s what others had to say:

Judi Szukalowicz
Can now wait!

Cindy Dawson
About time someone took on these giants
The sooner we move away from this platform the better

Habib Bulut
Have a app please

Dan Hawkes
Total waste of time, just partner with Gab, I’m sure Torba would be glad to have you.

Darren Phillips
Look forward to it mate ?

Rodney Joy
Great name for AUSSIE website that lets citizens talk facts & tell truths about governments corruption & inform we the people about choices & constitution laws…
If u have problems hosting ur site in Australia due to government restrictions Jamie, take ur Hosting to Iceland and keep ur servers out of reach from USA & UN & Aus government regulators.
Iceland hosting servers run off eco thermal energy so it’s green powered there too.
Good luck with this site.?

Kathie Clarke
Fabulous ??

Kiri Moana Cooper-Tuwhare
love it ❤

Richard Geyford Hawkes
Good luck

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