Vaacine Choice Australia : 15 Weeks of Covid Vaccine Rollout

Vaacine choice Australia : 15 weeks of covid vaccine rollout

By Jamie McIntyre

And this is based on them hiding many Bs 19 vaxx deaths and injuries, and inflating Covid deaths. In fact 24,000 adverse reactions reported in Australia ( a fraction of the actual ones ) Yet the Bs 19 injured less then 1000, and killed less then 90 ( the rest of the claimed 900 so called Covid deaths, were already sick and dying ) – good work Sco Mo – so when will the vaxx roll out stop – now or after tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries in Australia alone ? When is the Australian Military going to be rolled out to vaccinate those who refuse ? Before Xmas or after ? Is the Bs 19 vaxx is the bio weapon designed to kill and injure ?

Here’s what others had to say: 

Even those covid figures are fabricated

This is the truth… It’s a man made bio weapon…and the poisonous injection is their “solution” both aimed at one thing… Culling to reduce numbers and then bring in total control… Globalist agenda.

70% of defence force personnel are refusing to take the BS jab

When will it stop I mean we have the proof now but it just looks like they are just plain getting away with all this evil

When the solution is worse than the problem.

Where is the link to these facts so I can share to wake the sleeping please?

F this bs!! Keeping fighting Jamie and all the Australians who will not tolerate tyranny and except this bs!! Thank you for making people aware of the dangers and not giving in. Wish my fellow seppo’s would wake up and follow your lead!!

And that’s only 1% reported so sad

Yes. Thankfully there were people on top of the hiding information scheme and were recording them as they were reported.

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