Vaccine Extremism Is the Real Pandemic

Vaccine Extremism Is the Real Pandemic

By Australian National Times

The lunatic’s are the ones pushing the rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, untested, insane, dangerous, and deadly poison disguised as a vaccine and Global Medical Experiment- not the ones with valid questions over its safety, necessity, and effectiveness.
Vaccine extremism is the real pandemic.

Here’s what others had to say:

Annemarie Honders
Hey Jamie
Love your work! Where should we all be moving to? any good safe suggestions? Already stuck on the Sunshine Coast…

Darren Wotherspoon
Hey Jamie tell your mate Jeremy Britton to stop sprouting BS about wearing masks and staying home etc and that we are conspiracy theorists. Love your work

Jen Perrott
You didnt give suggestions for Sydney in terms of timing to leave.

Denise Daniels
You Jamie and Alan Jones should run this country I am sure most people would be happy

Renato Di Fazio
Talk to the viewer’s about the court case in Canada couldn’t prove cov19 has been isolated.

Sun Sinag
Greetings from Northern Norway, we got truthers here too.

Aaron Scott
You are the best mate. Keep up this fight.. your passion is so uplifting.

Renee Kristen
I want to buy a house , hopefully that’s easier in 3 years when many sheep are dead lol.

Alexis Hannagan
What should we do? Can you, Dave oneegs, Pete evans, AUs one etc etc 30 top leaders speaking out all have meetings to agree on a strategy to spread awareness? Wearing T-shirt, educating cops, etc etc

Caradi Shaye Miller
WA will be in lockdown too. The chairman over here wants to go on a stabbing blitz for the over 30’s on the 16th Aug.

Renee Kristen
For those who don’t want to wear a mask but you are scared you’ll get abused. Go without one & don’t look at anyone. I promise you’ll be fine.

Anica Yovich
How can they claim that when the pct test can’t show any strain? Hardly distinguish between covid & a flue?????

Rebecca Lee
My daughter and I walked into our local police station the other week maskless to get something signed for my daughters gun licence. He didn’t say a word.

Karim Kisrwani
Where do you think the resistance will form ? Northern qld?

Sonia Wright
The vaxd are starting to get angry with those of us who won’t. obviously don’t trust their experiment.

Mark Anthony
It’s pathetic… the bluff has been called well and truly and it’s clear as day but they are still playing the charade… Unreal.

Renee Kristen
Centrelink at Nerang didn’t let us go in today as they said you’ll get a police fine. I wanted to apply for Austudy & ask questions.

Neil Smith
All what you say is true 100% but at the moment time is running out and we all need to take action in what ever way we can if possible !

Renee Kristen
And an assholr ex who I have parenting court orders with

Merv Smith
Keep up the great work Jamie agree with totally totally communism.

Renee Kristen
Centrelink is meant to be essential service !!!! But alcohol stores are open ? Wtf

Kiki Kiannis-Beswick
Yes just because some people have multiple degrees they think they are highly intelligent and yet they have NO COMMONSENSE!!!

Tamika Mickey
I’m loving this!! They’re losing their minds in the US. I’m glad l found your page.

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