Vax Program for HSC Students

Vax Program for HSC Students

By Australian National Review

Enrol your Student into our school now.
We’ll even have the jabbed to death, without your permission. And we will include it in your tuition fees so pay no extra.
You’ll save a fortune.

No need to arrange, as we will have them jabbed with a rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly untested, unproven, poison and insane Global Medical Experiment without even asking your consent.

Any more kids we can have you sent us.
Just in case these ones become too sick to attend school.

Here’s what others had to say:

Flavia Vizcaino-Barrett
My 5 and 11-year-olds would be amazing in this situation. I’ve always taught them to question everything that doesn’t resonate with them and also not to swear. In this case they would have a few choice words for whoever would be trying this on them!!

Larina Kruger
Disgusting my daughter is in year 8 in Qld and she came home from school saying some of the teachers have had the jabs & then talking to the students about getting jabbed aswell!! We are in the process of organising home schooling as she has already been in trouble for asking questions and disagreeing with certain teachers!!

Katrina Wells
I talked to my grandson on the phone who is in Qld. And told him this ” If any teacher or principal talks about getting the Jabbawokie, you tell them To FUCK off.
He replied ” Nan I can’t tell them that” I responded with “Yes you can, and tell them if they punish my grandson for passing on a message of fuck off from Nan, then Nan will tell them to F**k OFF when I confront them Face to Face.

Cyndy Roona
I think my kids would be staying home that day.

Elle Jay
keep Up great work Jamie xo.

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