Vaxx Extremism Is Ramping Up

Vaxx Extremism Is Ramping Up

By Australian National Review

Vaccine extremism is ramping up.

Desperate to lockdown all of Australia, of lovely cases of nothing, no sick people , just healthy people told they have a case of bs 19 Fromm a fake test kit , and vaccinate us all to death, over something less deadlier then being hit by lightening.
People drive a car to a vaccination or testing centre.


1 in 106 chance of dying from car accidents
Almost zero chance of dying of Covid.

Take the jab though
And almost 100% chance of being injured and potentially dying ( less 30% that got the placebo )

Here’s what others had to say:

Danielle Simpson
I had to laugh when one of the ‘health ministers’ slithered onto the microphone to declare you have more chance of being hit by a bus than have a negative reaction to the vac.. You can look right, left and right again in both situations

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