We Live in a World Where We Can’t Even Go Home and See Our Family

We Live in a World Where We Can’t Even Go Home and See Our Family

By Australian National Review

I’m not sure about you, but I can assure you I won’t tolerate this nonsense over an imaginary flu that we have the evidence never existed, and we are locked down simply because of Global corruption, for much longer.

How about you?

Sick of the bs?

Sick of being told you have to become a pin cushion to never get your life back?

I know for  many of us, the patience is wearing thin

It’s very predictable what’s going to happen.

The dodgy billionaire kiddie fiddlers ie the Globalists trying to take over the world will,

1. Be jailed for crimes against humanity

Or 2.

If we are going down.

They will be taken down with us all.

Either way, they will not win. They will get the fate they deserve.

Our sell-out Premiers, and politicians, especially dickhead, dictator, Dan Andrews.

I’m willing to wager he will be in a jail cell, or worse, within less than 12 months –

To think he will get away with being a low-level minion for the Globalists means he is delusional.

I don’t like scum bags.


Corrupt dodgy f..

Neither should you.

There is no deadly virus.

Never was.

They tried in Wuhan to create one but failed.

So they just ran with the false narrative anyhow like they did in 2009 with the Swine flu to they got busted, but have had 10 more years to get things in place.

Remember how bad they told us it was in the beginning.

Notice it’s only the media that’s paid to push the experimental drugs with the side effect of death, to cover up quackzinne death and injury, and to push the wild and fantastical conspiracy theory we have a global pandemic, despite no one seeing a single person drop-down sick, or dead in their street with obvious visible symptoms.

Almost all claimed Bs 19 deaths are in ICUs in Hospitals?

A real pandemic most would drop dead well before they make it to a hospital.

Mmm as that’s because they are murdered with deliberate medical malpractice pushed by guess WHO and who is behind WHO?

Ventilators kill, remedesvir was a banned Ebola drug as it killed 54% of trial patients but they sell it at $3100 USD a pop to treat bs 19 – they being Gates and Fauci – just how they brought back a banned chemo drug AZT to kill AIDS patients

Others simple die of flu or other causes and the hospitals are paid to change certificate to bs 19

Why? You should be asking and investigating

Now the claimed deaths every day in Victoria

They refuse to list if they have been quackzinated

We know why don’t we

No one has or no one ever will die of Bs19

See episode 70 McIntyre Report


We have the evidence it never existed

And If anyone is so certain they know better

I’ll bet my house and my farms you don’t

Plus Australian National Review is offering a $1 million challenge if anyone can show anyone on the planet that has died of Bs 19 and even if anyone has ever caught it.

No takers of course

As it doesn’t exist

Maybe believe in Santa Clause or the tooth fairy as those fairytales are deadly but for those who think everything is a conspiracy theory, yet soak up without a shred of evidence, the biggest conspiracy theory of all time. That is that an imaginary invisible flu is a Global Pandemic, requiring the introduction of Global Communism to treat it and a booster shot every 2 months.

If you are still falling for the Bs 19 scam.

I hate to tell you, but you’re in the very very slow section of the class.
Maybe you need a slap around the face or some cold water – maybe your friends have tried to wake you up but you are so asleep they do think you’re not as smart as they originally thought, but you hide behind a veneer of arrogance – I have a degree – clearly more degrees then brains or more money than brains and controlled by peer-reviewed fake friends.

To much time spent at school or Uni memorising propaganda, instead of getting an actual education perhaps.

Global Communism need sheep.

Stop being a Bs 19 fraud denier.

It’s embarrassing.

You’re an adult. Stay away from death cults and quackzinne extremists- it’s deadly – and didn’t your parents tell you not to take drugs.

Grow up and call out the blatant bullshit but you can’t if you’re covered in it and can’t see the light.

Or get ready to kneel before King Dan Andrews, and kiss his feet and wipe his arse.

As that’s what will happen to cowards, who can’t see the writing on the wall.

Australian National Review

News that doesn’t tolerate dickhead politicians and wannabe be dictators who can’t even walk down a set of stairs.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/global-issues/we-live-in-a-world-where-we-cant-even-go-home-and-see-our-family/

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